What Can Save Camp?

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Hyperion Books

Publishing Date: 2006

Number of Pages: 279

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Character Description

The most important characters in this book are: Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon , Annabeth, daughter of Athena, Grover, a satyr and Tyson who is a cyclops and another son of Poseidon. Percy Jackson is the main character who doesn't care if he's not the best. Annabeth likes to fight and think because her mother is the goddess of wisdom and battle tactics. Grover is the guy that rescues other demigods from monsters and other harm. Tyson loves to build and is very kind to animals. The two antagonists in the book are Luke son of Hermes and Kronos the deadly titan lord. The two of them are both out to kill or turn Percy to there side and away from the demigods so they can destroy Olympus. Kronos is the father of: Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, and Chiron.

Plot Summary

In the beginning of the book, Percy is going to school with his best friend Tyson when a fight breaks out in gym class with Percy and Tyson against a bunch of deadly monsters. They end up destroying the whole gymnasium and only escape with the help of Annabeth. Percy's mom told him not to go to camp half-blood (a demigod camp) because bad stuff was happening. They end up going to camp anyway because it was to dangerous to go back. Thalia a daughter of Zeus died long ago to a cyclops. Zeus turned her into a tree which made a protective barrier around the camp so no harm could enter the camp, but someone poisoned the tree so now the camp is flowing with monsters. Clairsie a daughter Ares who is the god of war is sent on a quest to find something to heal the tree. Percy on the other hand is asleep and has been having dreams about his friend Grover who is in the cave where the only thing that can save the camp is. The Golden Fleece, which can heal anything. The only problem is its in a layer of a full grown cyclops who love to eat satyrs. So Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson go on a Quest to save him. They have to travel through a dangerous part of the ocean we call the bermuda triangles, they call it the Sea of Monsters which is filled with monsters and other dangerous creatures. They get past it and get to Grover and the fleece and they get away from the cyclops with a narrow escape. They catch up with Clairsie and give her the fleece to bring back to camp. Luke has Kronos's tomb and is planning to revive him with the fleece so Luke and Percy have a battle and Percy comes back victorious with Luke narrowly escaping with his life. They heal the tree and it even brings back Thalia the daughter of Zeus who was thought to be lost forever.


The conflict in this book is that Luke poisoned the tree that protects camp half-blood, so Percy and his friends are forced to venture through the sea of monsters and to find the Golden Fleece which is the only thing that can save camp. Luke also wants the golden fleece so he can revive the titan lord Kronos to destroy Olympus and rule again.

Quotation Explanation

My quote: "What do you intend to do about the quest?" (said Hermes) "I-I don't have permission to go." (Percy said) "Will that stop you?" (said Hemes)" I want to go." "I have to save Grover." I think this quote shows how much he cares about his friend. He would save his friend even if he would get in loads of trouble for it. I also chose this quote because you shouldn't always go against what people say you should follow their directions unless there directions are something bad. Otherwise just follow what you heart says to do.

Book Review

I think the book Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters was a great book because it helped explain events that happened in the first book and it also tells you secrets that you wouldn't expect about people. I wish that Rick Riordan would add more encounters and fights with Luke because one battle to me isn't enough. I'm a big sci-fi and action person so I like more fighting in the book. Otherwise I thought it was a great book and you should check it out sometime.
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