Hughes Academy Weekly Update

Monday, May 30, 2022 (Last Issue until 8/15/22)

Upcoming Events

May 30 - Memorial Day Holiday - No School

May 31 - ESOL Access Reward Celebration 12:00 - 1:00

May 31 - 6th Grade Field Day 8:40 - 11:00

June 1 - 7th Grade Field Day 8:40 - 11:00

June 2 - Half Day - Dismissal @ 12:45/8th Grade Day

June 3- Half Day - Dismissal @ 12:45/Career Day/End of Q4/Last day of school for students

August 10 - 6th Grade Orientation "Ready to Roar" 9:00- 11:00 or 5:30 - 7:30

August 10 - 7th and 8th Grade Drop-In 3:30 - 5:00

August 15 - First Day of School for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Student Awards - We are proud of all the students that received awards this year!

Freezepop Donations and Volunteer Opportunity

Parents we need your help for field day! We have two days of field day next week Tuesday (5/31 - 6th grade) and Wednesday (6/1 - 7th grade). We would love to have freezepops at our water station for the students. We would need approximately 700 in total. Both grades have about 350 students. Please drop off freezepops in the main office:)

Also... we need four parent volunteers each day to distribute the freezepops from 8:30 - 11:00 on 5/31(6th grade) and 6/1 (7th grade). If you are interested in volunteering to distribute popsicles.. contact Coach Addison at

Thank you for your donations and time if you can volunteer.

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Correct Address on File

As we are preparing for the next school year's registration, it is most important that we have your correct address information on file. Also, keep in mind that the final report cards are mailed at the end of the school year. All address changes require proper documentation (two proofs of residency) to be presented to the school. If you have moved or will be moving, please email Kim Dyke, our Registrar, at or call 864-355-6200.

Transportation Form for Zoned Students

If your child will have a change in transportation status for next year, please complete and submit the 2022-23 Transportation Request Form. Completed forms should be sent to the school no later than May 1. Access the English/Spanish for the 2022-23 Transportation Request Form.

All A's Principal Breakfast

We want to recognize all of our students who got straight A's this year! Please see the flyer below. If your child had all A's they will receive the invitation with their All A's award during the awards drive-thru. Please use this link to see what items we need for the breakfast. Instructions on dropping off items are included with the Sign Up form.

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6th Grade Welcome Back Orientation Event - READY TO ROAR"

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7th and 8th Grade Drop-In Event

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Teacher Vacancies

Hughes Academy is looking for the following teachers for the 2022-2023 school year....

GTT - Gateway to Technology (Engineering)

English Language Arts

Part-Time Special Education

Please contact our principal, Mr. Jordan Finlay, at if you are interested.

Virtual students and Chromebooks News

Virtual student chromebooks from can be returned to the school on:

Friday, June 3rd 1pm-3:30 pm

Monday, June 6th 7:30-3:30 pm

Students need to wipe down the entire computer with a non-chemical wipe (slightly damp paper towel with a mild dish detergent will work too), wrap their charger cords and make sure that the top and bottom cover to their Chromebook are secured to the device. If the top or bottom cover is broken, they still need to turn it in with the device. We will replace them over the summer. Any student who turns in the device missing part or all of the cover will be billed $25. If they fail to return their charger (or charger is damaged) they will be billed $31 for a replacement charger.

From the School Nurse:

If your child has medication in the health room please pick it up before Tuesday May 31st. Medication must be picked up by an adult and may be picked up during school hours daily 8am-3pm. Daily and emergency medications can be picked up on the last half days of school. If you need to arrange another time for pick-up of your student’s medication please call Sara Smith at 355-6207. Any medications remaining in the health room on the last day of school will have to be destroyed per school district policy.

Resources to Help with Monitoring Your Child's Phone Activity

How to Monitor Your Kids Phone (Step by Step Tutorial on Setting Up Parental Controls) H2TechVideos
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See Something, Say Something


The single most effective, preventative tool regarding school safety and security is the See Something, Say Something protocol, which every school in Greenville County utilizes. It is critically important that if students see or hear something that is concerning, they say something to a trusted adult or report it anonymously through our reporting system. Reports can be made by phone call, text, email or an online form, which are all accessed here: While Greenville County Schools has had this reporting system in place for many years, we recently updated the icon on student Chromebooks from a “no symbol” to the attached icon, which visually reflects the See Something, Say Something campaign. Your school will be sharing this update with students, but we want to make sure you as parents as aware of this update and know how to report something or direct your student to report something should it be needed. This update has been made on the Greenville County Schools website in multiple places (, and it is currently being updated on all of our school’s websites. Thank you.

Our Spring Book fair is Buy one Get one Free - a great opportunity to get summer reading books for a deal! We will have a lollipop raffle to win prizes so bring quarters! Try eWallet for an easy cash alternative:


Greenville County Schools is excited to announce the addition of online magnet applications to the Parent Backpack Portal. Paper copies of applications for the 2022-2023 school year will still be accepted, but parents now have the option to apply online through their backpack accounts. To access the online version of the magnet application, parents should login into their parent backpack account. Parents of students outside of Greenville County Schools can create a new user account. Select "Programs" from the column on the left. Then select "Apply to a Program." Available programs will show on the screen. Select "Apply" beside Magnet Academies to begin the application process. Parents will be able to apply for multiple magnet academies in the online system, but they will only be able to submit the magnet application once. Parents should make sure to select all schools for which their student desires to apply and complete all sections of the application before selecting submit.

Rounds 1-4 have ended. Here is the Magnet Round Processing Schedule..

Round 5 5/16/22 - 7/11/22

Round 6 7/13/22 - 8/8/22

For more information on the magnet process, please click here and visit the Hughes Academy Magnet Page

Magnet Bus Request Form for 2022-2023

Do you have a magnet student at Hughes Academy that needs a magnet bus for the 2022-2023 academic year? Please fill out the bus request form and submit it to our Magnet Coordinator, Mrs.Marsha Patry,

Greenville High Summer Camps!

Greenville High School Community! Please join us this summer for our Greenville High Summer Camps (Grades 1-8). Our coaches and players have lots of fun activities planned for your child this summer.

Tdap Requirement for Rising 7th Graders

South Carolina law states that ALL students are required to have the Tdap vaccine BEFORE they enter 7th grade. This means that your 6th grader should get the vaccination during his/her annual doctor visit this year. The Tdap vaccine can be obtained at your primary health care provider, the Health Department, or various walk-in clinics.

Please make sure your student has the Tdap vaccine before the end of this school year and have the vaccine certificate sent to school as soon as it is completed. If your child already had the Tdap vaccine, please send a copy of the immunization form into school to ensure that we have it on record. Your child will not be able to attend the 7th grade until we have this form on record at school. Your student will not be able to obtain their class schedule for 7th grade in the fall without meeting this state requirement. Thank you in advance for your help. Please feel free to call the Hughes Academy health room with any questions at 864-355-6207.

Hughes Academy School Nurses- Sara Smith, RN & Mayte Pennington, RN

Grading Policies and Academic Assistance

In an effort to make grading more meaningful at Hughes Academy, and spark higher levels of student engagement, we have made some adjustments to our late and make-up work policies. Please watch the video presentation linkes below for details about these new policies, as well as opportunities for academic assistance and enrichment at Hughes.

Hughes Academy Grading and Academic Assistance Update

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Helpful Parental Controls for iPhones

Click this link to learn more!