Brock Elementary Update

September 21st - September 28th

A Message From Mrs.Griffith/Please Watch

Important Dates

Sept. 21st Homecoming Pep Rally (Wear Blue and Gold)

Sept. 24th Inservice day- No School for Students

Sept.28th- Report Cards Go Home!

Sept. 26th- Wear Orange for Fairness

Oct.1st-31st- Parent Conferences- Stay Tuned for More Info

Oct. 3rd- Fall Pictures

Oct. 8th- NO SCHOOL!

Oct. 12th- Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (Drawings start at 7:30)

Oct. 15th-19th School Safety Week (Guest Speaker at Fly Friday)

Oct. 23rd- Movie Night

Oct. 23rd- Oct. 26th- Red Ribbon Week

Wear Orange for Fairness

Character Trait Wednesday!

Wear ORANGE on Wednesday!

Every 6 weeks we will talk about a different character trait. This 6 weeks our character trait is RESPECT.

Students that wear the color ORANGE on Wednesday's will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the office!

The color will change every 6 weeks.

Big picture

Fall Festival

When: Friday, Oct. 12th

Where: Brock Elementary

Time: 5:30- 7:30 pm (raffle drawings @ 8:00)

Sign- up times will be coming soon!

A Message from Mr.Smith

Parents, Students, and Community Members of Brock:

Over the past three days, our administrative team has been investigating a Brock High School student’s post that was made on Snapchat as well as other issues that arose from the investigation. Our investigation is now complete, and we would like to communicate our key findings. Again, while we cannot disclose specific details about a particular student due to student privacy laws, we can, however, provide you with some information.

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Monday that outlined their own investigative findings. What they found is that many of the posts by the student were “old” – meaning that the posts occurred last spring. During the spring, those posting were investigated by both the Sheriff’s Office and Brock ISD Administration. No legal action was taken last spring by law enforcement; however, Brock Administrators responded with disciplinary action.

This past weekend, new posts were made by the student, and postings from last spring resurfaced on social media.

The Texas Education Code, among other items, requires that administrators, when rendering a discipline decision, shall consider a student’s intent behind the discipline act and shall consider the student’s past disciplinary history. Over the past three days, in our team’s investigation, we did just that.

With the conclusion of our investigation, it has been determined that the student violated aspects of our district’s student code of conduct and administrative action has been taken. This is the point where student privacy laws (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) prevent me from telling you our exact determinations and/or how we are responding specifically with the student.

What I can share is this: As long as I am the Superintendent of Brock ISD, threats towards students, staff, or any aspect of our school district will not be tolerated and will be appropriately addressed to the fullest extent of the law.

Please be advised that the student will not be returning to Brock ISD at this time.

I completely understand the strength of my last sentence as well as its vagueness; the law prevents me from explaining more. To help you understand where our jurisdiction lies on discipline issues, I would encourage you to look through our student code of conduct which can be found here, starting on page 68:

In that Board approved policy document, which is also backed by the Texas Education Code (state law), you will see the options we have regarding discipline and timelines that we must follow. Provisions in the student code of conduct allow our administrators to make decisions that fully protect the safety of all students. We believe that our response has done just that.

Not only am I extremely honored and proud to be the Superintendent of Brock ISD, but I am also a dad of 2 kids that attend our schools. I would not send my two children to school if I felt their safety is in danger and I would never ask you, as a parent, to send your children to school under the same circumstance. My kids were at school Monday, yesterday, and today. They will be at school tomorrow, Friday, and for the rest of this school year and beyond.

Throughout this process, I want to publicly commend our team of administrators and staff who have excelled this week. As you are well aware, this has been a difficult week at Brock ISD and this team has been unwavering in their work and dedication to your children.

It is my hope that you will continue to put your trust in us and appreciate the fact that, no matter the circumstances, we have demonstrated to our students and community that we will protect our values, appropriately address issues of concern, and follow the law.

Our homecoming parade and bonfire is tonight. While this is a time of great celebration, we will continue to have increased security presence at this event as well as at our schools and game Friday night.

Again, thank you for your trust in us and patience this week.

Cade Smith


Brock IS