Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero?

Jacksonian Democracy

  • Government by the people
  • Limited government, with strong president
  • Using Democracy in everyday life
  • Championed the cause of the farmer and the laborer


Andrew jackson has many reasons to be considered a hero, not just his character and how he felt would be the best way to run this country. Andrew jackson did many honorable things in his life time that were greatly appreciated. Even though at times Jackson was a bit of a socialite he still made some tough decisions that in the end helped the US tremendously. He put alot of affairs in order that we would've had caused many set backs for our country if he had not done, although he also caused many set backs him self we wouldnt be the same today with out his guidance.

Political Cartoon

Jackson wanted to destroy the Bank. The many heads represent the states who were opposed to destroying the Bank, as Jackson raises the cane that reads VETO.
Jackson is also the face of the 20 dollar bill.
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Nullification Crisis

  • South has little manufacturing , but still relies on imported goods.
  • Passed forced bill
  • South Carolina wanted to nullify the tariffs
  • South Carolina threatened to secede if the nullification of the tariffs were not changed
  • congress passed the forced bill that allowed Andrew Jackson and the Federal Government to made South Carolina to pay tariff using the US army