Lower School Summer Update


A Message from Mrs. Sims

I hope each of you has had an opportunity to get into the groove of SUMMER!

Just a few short weeks ago we celebrated a milestone with our kindergarten students as they moved into 1st grade. Parents, children and staff reflected on a year of learning and growth. At the same time, we sent our 5th grade class "over the bridge and up the hill" to middle school. While it may have felt like a chapter closed, we know that it is also a new and exciting beginning. Whether in kindergarten or 5th grade, the lower school is so very lucky to have your children pass through our lives - and for that we are grateful. Thank you to PLP families and community for partnering with us in such a meaningful endeavor.

Please read on for important information and reminders for the NEW YEAR.


Monday, August 14:

OPEN HOUSE, Kindergarten (ONLY), 12-2pm and 4-6pm; This is a Drop-In event.

Please bring your school supplies!

Tuesday, August 15:

OPEN HOUSE, Grades 1-5, 12-2pm and 4-6pm; This is a Drop-In event.

Please bring your school supplies!

Wednesday, August 16:

FIRST DAY, Kindergarten (ONLY); Early Release at 11:00 am.

Thursday, August 17:

FIRST DAY, Grades 1-5

Kindergarten Early Release at 11:00 am

Friday, August 18:

Kindergarten Early Release at 11:00 am


Summer Office Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Wednesday. Closed Thursday and Friday. Summer camps may operate outside of these days/hours.

Please note that the entire Pine Lake Campus will be CLOSED June 30 - July 9.

There are limited staff on duty during the summer. Mrs. Thompson, Administrative Assistant, will return on August 3rd to answer phones and assist you.

In June and July, calls to the lower school number will be forwarded to Mr. Webb. For an immediate need over the summer, please email Mrs. Sims, Principal (shelly.sims@pinelakeprep.org) or Mr. Webb, Assistant Principal (joe.webb@pinelakeprep.org).

We ask for your patience as responses may be delayed due to scheduled vacations.

Last Chance to Order School Supplies!

School Supply Kits from EPI are available by grade level for $80.00. You may access the supplies HERE and ENTER CODE: PIN201.

Proceeds from this annual sale benefit our 5th Grade trip to Williamsburg - Thank you!

This year kits will be mailed to your home (with exception of bulk items, such as disinfectant wipes and paper).

Ordering closes Saturday, July 15- No Exceptions!

Thank YOU!

We did not want to let the school year pass without sending a sincere Thank YOU to all of the volunteers who help make the Lower School what it is. YOU worked in the classrooms. YOU distributed lunches. YOU made copies. YOU donated your time and money. YOU prepared food. YOU built fences and walkways. YOU planted and maintained a garden. YOU recognized us on holidays and birthdays. YOU supported our celebrations, from Feast to Sports Day. YOU made a difference in countless ways. And the Lower School staff and students are grateful to YOU!

EOG Results for Grades 3-5

Individual EOG Student Reports were sent home with report cards. Students did well on the assessments, and their hard work is evident. Our average scores in reading, math and science rose over the 2015-2016 school year!

In addition to the 1 - 5 Achievement Levels, the reports included enhanced data in both reading and math. The data included content-area skills assessed (and answered correctly) along with comparisons to the school, district and state.

Categories for Reading: Language, Literature and Informational Text

Categories for Math: Calculator Active, Calculator Inactive, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations (fractions, etc.), Measurement & Data, and Geometry.

Further information about the 5 Achievement Levels may be found HERE.


Final Lower School Library Date:

Wednesday, July 19th; 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Scholastic Summer Reading Progress - We are in 60th Place in the United States so far!

WOW! Our students are avid summer readers!

  • 589 PLP students participating
  • 246,308 total minutes read


Please help your child avoid the "Summer Slide" by reading daily and participating in the Scholastic Reading Challenge.

Details (also posted on website) are below:

What is it?

It's a reading competition between schools across North Carolina and the country to see who can read the most minutes over the summer.

When is it?

It runs from May 8th - September 8th

How do I get started?

Your child should have received a letter with a username and password. You go to www.scholastic.com/summer and go down to the kids bar and click to get started.

How does it work?

Once you are logged in, your child can start to log minutes that will count toward their individual goal and toward the school's overall total minutes.

What if our school reads the most minutes in North Carolina or wins the overall reading challenge?

If Pine Lake reads the most minutes across the schools participating in North Carolina, we will receive a "party in a box" for our school and our school's name will be printed in the next edition of the Scholastic Book of World Records 2018.

What are individual goals?

Students have an individual goal for the summer according to their rising grade. They are:

Rising 1st- 75 minutes a week X 15 weeks = 1,125 minutes for the whole summer

Rising 2nd - 100 minutes a week X 15 weeks = 1,500 minutes for the whole summer

Rising 3rd - 125 minutes a week x 15 weeks = 1,875 minutes for the whole summer

Rising 4th & 5th - 150 minutes a week x 15 weeks = 2,250 minutes

What if my child achieves their individual goal?

When we return to school in August, your child's name will be placed on our Reading Wall of Fame and invited to an ice cream dance party we are having to celebrate.

What if I have any questions?

Contact Kathy Brennan at kathy.brennan@pinelakeprep.org

Staffing Update for the Lower School

For 2017-2018, we have several staff members who will move into new roles at the Lower School, and we also have several new staff members who will join the Pine lake Community. Here are those changes to date:

  • Ms. Donovan will join us as School Counselor, replacing Mrs. Kurtz.
  • Mrs. Bosak will move to 2nd grade.
  • Mrs. Volk will move to 3rd grade.
  • Mrs. A. McCurry will move to Spanish Immersion Kindergarten (English side - job share with Mrs. Allison).
  • Mrs. Tunney will move into EC.
  • Mr. Crowe will move into our 1/2-hour daily Spanish program.
  • Mrs. Baron will join us as an associate in the kindergarten Spanish immersion program.
  • Ms. Medina will join us from Colombia as a co-teacher with Mrs. Borda in the 1st grade Spanish immersion class.
  • Mr. Blanco will move into Spanish immersion 2nd grade.
  • Mrs. Borbor will move to associate in the 2nd grade Spanish immersion class while continuing to teach Spanish in our 1/2-hour daily Spanish program.
  • Mrs. Gerst is a new kindergarten associate joining the lower school staff.