LPS Update

February 26, 2021

Next Steps

We want to thank the community for their continued adherence to all of the health and safety protocols over the past six weeks which has led to a decline in positive cases and illness in our community and in our school community. As a result, we have been able to move toward more in person learning for our Grade K, 1 and 2 students. With the Governor's and Commissioner's announcement earlier this week, we are actively planning with our teachers to develop a plan for the full return of all of our students in the very near future. Once we have agreed to this plan with our teachers in the next week, we will share the timeline and details.

Kindergarten Full In Person

We are so excited to welcome all of our youngest learners to the classroom for four and a half days of in person education on Monday, March 1st! The teachers have been excitedly reorganizing their rooms, making new name tags, math boxes, handouts, bulletin boards and creating schedules for hand washing double the number of hands each day!

A big thank you to all of our kindergarten teachers and assistants who have been working so hard to create this plan to bring our kindergarten students back safely!

Plan for First and Second Grade

In continuing with our goal to transition more of our students back into the school building, we will now begin the next phase of our reentry plan: welcoming the first and second grade students to full in-person learning four and a half days per week. With the community’s health metrics trending in a very positive direction, we are excited to move forward with this next phase. As continuously mentioned, the health metrics have always been our guide post with respect to transitioning to more in-person learning. We are now at a point that these metrics support more in-person instruction, that includes combining cohorts. And with our careful planning throughout the school year for this moment, we are happy to report that now is the time to execute this next phase of our reentry plan. In combination with the health metrics trending in a positive direction, we’ve also been afforded access to additional CARES funds that have allowed us to execute several components of our reentry plan, which included hiring a remote only teacher for each of these grade levels, and purchasing smaller classroom desks. As we prepare for the return of our first and second grade students, we are now able to execute additional components of our plan, such as (i) removing excess furniture from classrooms that was required for live streaming, (ii) reconfiguring all classrooms in order to meet health and safety protocols, and (iii) restructuring lunches. We thank you for your continued support and patience and we couldn’t be happier to move forward with this next phase.

Dr. Dwyer and Mrs.Wyland will send an email to first and second grade parents next week asking families to commit to full in person or full remote for the remainder of the school year. This decision is crucial to our final planning for the return of our first and second grade students. The details, including date, for when students will return will be communicated to families by Dr. Dwyer and Mrs. Wyland once we have finalized all of our planning.

Update to Travel Policy

Effective March 5th, families and staff will no longer need to test on day 5 after travel to a restricted state. However, families and staff must comply with the Massachusetts Travel Order and provide a negative test before return to school or work.

30 Day Remote Policy

Effective March 19th, families in Grades 3-12 will no longer need to stay remote for 30 days if you decide to move from hybrid to remote. However, moving your child to remote should not be for family vacations. We do not encourage families to take vacations outside of school vacation weeks and our teachers are under no obligation to provide work to your child (ren) if you choose to take a vacation outside of vacation weeks.

Volunteers Needed!

With a nationwide shortage of substitute teachers, we are looking for volunteers to cover teacher's classes for either a day or part of the day so that they can go to vaccination appointments, when they become eligible. Volunteers would need to complete a CORI and be fingerprinted before being eligible to volunteer. Information about the CORI and fingerprinting available on our website under Human Resources. If you are interested, please email Annmarie McCormick at mccormickan@lynnfield.k12.ma.us.

Transportation Updates

DESE updated their transportation guidance on Friday, February 12th. With this new guidance, I have asked the School Committee to revert their bussing policy back to last year's policy in order to allow for more students to ride the busses to school. The committee will vote at the March 9th meeting in hopes to start that week. I will let you know if it is approved so that you can plan appropriately.

Upcoming Calendar Dates


1 Kindergarten Full In Person Begins

1-5 Kindergarten Orientation Video Released to Families
LMS Wellness Week

8-12 Kindergarten Registration Material Emailed to Families

9 School Committee Meeting 6:00 PM via Zoom

19 LMS 2nd-Trimester Grades Close

23 School Committee Meeting 6:00 PM via Zoom

March 8-April 26 Kindergarten Registration Packets Returned to Schools

INTERFACE Referral Service

As a reminder, in partnership with the Town of Lynnfield, A Healthy Lynnfield, and the Lynnfield Public Schools, the INTERFACE Referral Service is available to our families. This is a confidential and free service for all Lynnfield residents that helps connects residents across the lifespan to outpatient mental health services.

Kindergarten Orientation and Registration

Week of March 1st- Kindergarten Orientation video sent to eligible families in the community.

Week of March 8th- Registration materials emailed to eligible families in the community.

March 8th-April 26th- Registration packets returned to schools.

Month of May- Kindergarten screenings will be scheduled.