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A complete Guide on the Toronto Paralegal Services

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A complete Guide on the Toronto Paralegal Services

Many people may face a legal case in their lives and require professional help. Canadians, especially Ontarians, prefer to seek help from paralegals for a wide variety of reasons. Paralegal services are comprehensive and can be helpful in many legal matters and conflicts. Above all, the affordable cost of legal services is why people get help from paralegals in Toronto. Besides, paralegals are typically within reach whenever needed. In better words, paralegal services are available anywhere at any time. Toronto paralegals are permitted by the Ontario government to provide their clients with a comprehensive array of legal services related to Small Claims Court, Landlord, and tenant, etc. According to the experts from Paralegal Toronto, paralegals pass several law courses to become licensed and serve their clients as professional legal agents. Here we brief on a number of services provided by paralegals in Toronto, Ontario, as below:

Paralegal Services for Landlord and Tenant

No matter how complex is the case you are involved in, you can always seek help from a professional paralegal for landlord and tenant matters. Paralegals typically specialize in LTB or Landlord and Tenant Board matters. They can act as representatives for both landlords and tenants in the event of a legal conflict. They also deliver consultations if you want to represent your case individually.

Notary Public Services Provided by Paralegals

Many paralegals can also become notary publics and serve their clients with the services such as document notarization and certifying true copies. Notary public services are designed in a way that they can prevent fraud and identity theft. That’s why notary public services are of the essence when signing a contract or agreement.

Paralegal Services for Small Claims Courts

Paralegals in Toronto, Ontario, can help you a lot with Small Claims Court matters. Small Claims Court is especially for issues related to money or property. The amount of money in your claim should not exceed $35,000 or you should go to the higher courts. Paralegals are legal specialists for Small Claims Court matters. Whether you are involved in property matters or money disputes, you can refer to Small Claims Court.

Lease or Tenancy Agreements

Drafting a lease or tenancy agreement is one of the duties of a Toronto paralegal. Lease agreements are best to protect your rights in a rental unit. Both tenant and landlord will specify the terms they have agreed on in the written form through a lease contract. Both landlord and tenant can prevent many conflicts by signing a lease contract. For drafting a tenancy agreement, you would better get help from a professional paralegal.

Retainer Services Provided by a Paralegal

Paralegals can also come to your aid in annual retainer agreements. Although hiring a paralegal when representing in a court procedure is not obligatory, they can be really helpful. You may think that hiring a paralegal is costly, and it is better to cut down on the expenses. However, it will be beneficial for you in the long run.