Sport Concussions

Graham Weisberg

Body System Affected

The body system that a concussion affects is the brain. It is caused by a blow to the head or hitting your head on something.

How does the system act before and after the concussion?

Your brain which is the main point of a concussion acts normal before a concussion. It functions fine usually. When you get a concussion your brain will act differently. You will sometimes hear a ring and you will have a hard time concentrating. In serious concussions some people suffer from dementia and depression.

Who is mostly affected?

People of all ages can get concussions. They can be male or female and they can be any race. Anyone can get a concussion as long as they have a brain.

How do you get a concussion?

This condition is caused by getting hit or hitting your head really hard so that your skull is pressed into the brain.Causes blood vessels to burst or break

How does a doctor diagnose a concussion?

Usually when you have a concussion doctors will ask you what the date is or they will hold up their fingers and see if you have double vision.

What are some signs and symptoms?

Some signs and symptoms are headaches, dizziness, feeling sick, coordination or balancing problems, blurred vision, speech problems, trouble thinking or remembering, changes in sleep or feeling sleepy, mood changes. These are all common signs of a concussion

How can you treat this disease?

  • People could take their children off the field

  • NFL donated 30 million to concussion research

  • Use an antioxidant called glutathione

  • Therapy could be effective in the future

What is the life expectancy if you get a concussion?

The life expectancy is undetermined. if you get a minor concussion you will live your life but if you get a more serious concussion you could end up suffering from depression. There have been some cases of people committing suicide from the depression.
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What is the reason I chose this subject?

The reason I chose to do concussions is because I have had 2 and there is movie coming out on them and also football season is right now.


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