Summer Reading

West Haven Public Schools Suggested Summer Reads 2016

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Why Is Summer Reading Important?

There is current research that shows that without summer reading:

  • At best, students showed little or no academic growth over summer.
  • At worst, students lost one to three months of learning.
  • For disadvantaged students, reading scores were disproportionately affected and the achievement gap between rich and poor widened.
    -research on

Elementary Schools Pre K-4

Forest, Haley, Mackrille, Pagels, Savin Rock, Washington

BOOKLET LIST of 50 TITLES AVAILABLE by clicking on this LINK

See some of the examples below:

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May V. Carrigan Intermediate School Grades 5-6

Please select at least one of the books listed below for Grade 5 or Grade 6 to read over the summer. Be ready to discuss your book in a “Book Chat,” which will be held in September. Happy Reading!
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Harry Bailey Middle School Grades 7-8

2016 Book Recommendations available by clicking ON THIS LINK

Some examples below!

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West Haven High School Book Lists for Grades 9-12

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State of Connecticut Summer Reading Resources

Additional Resources

American Library Association Summer Reading Lists:

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8