War of 1812

John James 7-3

Historical Significance

The War of 1812 is significance to the history of Canada because this event is one of the big part of forming Canada into one piece and also the event killed lots and lots of people, families homes farm lands everything they had was all destroyed, so I think that this event is significance to the history of Canada

War of 1812

The War of 1812 is a huge fight between the United States and British North America, the United States declared the war for several reasons, one of them included the trade restrictions about Britain war with France, they fought on sea, fought on the American Canadian frontier

Napoleonic War

The Napoleonic War is a war between the French and Great Britain, the war is basically about Britain taking over the French gain and the French tried to fight back but they failed


Soon all of these events form into Canada, all these evens are very historical because it form Canada into one piece, the events created Canada and instead of killing each other they had a bond of peace

Other Historical Significance

1, The Fraser Gold Rush

2, The Quebec Act

3, The Act Of Union


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