MACUL Conference Speaker News

Updates and Information for Conference Speakers

We Are Getting Closer!

The MACUL Conference is getting closer and this newsletter contains the information you need to get ready! Please go through all of the information so that you will be prepared for presenting your session. The Conference starts on Wednesday, March 17 and continues through Saturday, March 20

If you have any questions, please email me at

Tammy Maginity

Speaker Coordinator

Odds and Ends - Please make sure you have done these items

These are items that were sent earlier. If you have completed them, Thank You! If you have not, please go ahead and finish.

Register- If you have not registered, please do that as soon as possible. Emails were sent to all speakers with directions on how to register. It would have come from

  1. Primary Speakers pay $35 for the conference

  2. Secondary Speakers pay full price for the conference

  3. Workshops, posters, and featured sessions vary. Please refer to directions emailed to you

Check the schedule and make sure what it says and what you have match at

Fill out these forms

- We need a primary phone number and email contact for each session. Fill out this form This will be used by the MACUL moderator for your session. We want to be able to connect with you if you are having issues. NOTE: Your Moderator will contact you prior to the conference via email.

- Recording Consent or Refusal for session. Fill out this form We are letting attendees have access to recordings for period of time after the Conference.

The Three Main Sites- Which is Which?

Use the #MACUL21 Hashtag to Promote Your Sessions and the Conference!

Provide Information and Resources for Your Session to Prospective Attendees Using Sched

Login to Sched and put in profile info and any resources you want to make available prior to the conference.

  1. Log in with your Sched account or create one. Use the same email address that this information was sent too.

  2. On the MACUL Conference SCHED home page you will find a Speakers tab, please click it and it will take you to a page with speaker profiles that have been created for you.

  3. Clicking on your profile takes you to your sessions complete with time, room location, co-presenters, etc.

  4. If you don’t see the speaker functions, you may have duplicate accounts. Please email me at and I can merge those accounts.

  5. You can add files & presentations to your sessions. Attendees will be able to download these on your event’s website and mobile app. Files can be any type, and have a maximum file size of 50MB. The file name is visible, so make sure to name the file something clear and readable.

  • Click “Manage & promote your sessions”;

  • Go to Add Presentation, select a file and click “Upload.”

Preparing for the Event - Everything you need to know about Hopin

Here is a video made by Ann Smart as a Guide to Hopin for Speakers:

We had two training sessions for speakers on March 3rd and 4th. It was an opportunity to come into the Hopin Site and learn the ropes. Here is a link to one of the recordings and a link to the chat. This is raw video and not "pretty". If you did not attend one of these events, watch this recording. If you did attend, you can use it as a review.

Training Video: March 4th Training Video

Copy of Chat: Chat Sheet

Here is a list of resources for Hopin that may help:

Accepting the Hopin Invitation and a Checklist for Speaking Virtually

On Friday, March 12, you will recieve an invitation to the Actual MACUL Conference. Here is a Video explaining how to accept the invitation and get to the event.

Video for Accepting the Invitation

Checklist for Speaking Virtually - Make sure you are ready for anything!

Important Session Timeline and Process

Prior to the Conference, your assigned MACUL moderator will make contact with you. This person will be in your session on the day of the conference. When you go to the session, you will need to request to share video and audio (see training video). Then you are ready to present.

Important Session TIming Information:

  1. All sessions will open in Hopin at the :55 mark of the hour or 5 minutes prior to the session start time. That gives you 5 minutes to get situated
  2. The session will begin at the top of the hour
  3. You have 50 minutes to present
  4. 5 minutes for questions
  5. The session will end at the :55 mark. It will cut off at that time.
  6. Example: If your session starts at 8:00AM. You will be able to get into your room at 7:55. The session will begin at 8:00AM. You will present until 8:50AM. You have 5 minutes for questions. The room will close at 8:55
  7. We will have a slide for you to use at the end of your session.