Having a Balanced Diet

By Lilly

My Pyramid

There are 7 different food groups in My Pyramid. They are ...Grains,vegetables,fruits,dairy and meat and beans. My Pyramid is a guide that helps people make sure they are getting the right amount of each food group.

Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines are goals that help you live a healthy life. Three main goals are Eat grains,fruits ,and vegetables.Choose lean meat and fish in of greasy meats.Avoid fried food as much as possible. These goals will help you live a long happy life.

Food Labels

A food label gives you information of what nutrients are in that food. It also tells you how many calories are in the product. Food labels help you stay healthy by telling you what's in the food. If the main ingredient is sugar the food wouldn't be a healthy food choice.


In order to be healthy you need to move around at least 60 minutes a day. Exercise includes sports,dancing,swimming,and walking. This helps your body burn off calories.

Pros to having a balanced diet

Having a balanced diet has many pros.One example is being able to have a long healthful life.Another example is you would be healthy.