Why is the conservation houbara important?

What are houbara and where do they live?

The houbara is a bird that migrate for a different countries and live in it,the houbara is an omnivore because its eat the warblers and insects in khazakhstan and beetles and warblers also in Abu Dhabi . The houbara live in safety environment and a environment that have food in it for her self and for her childrens .

The migrate to Khazakhstan,Iran and another north countries in summer but in winter its go back for U.A.E and Arab Gulf States.Each time an animal eats the houbara the plant he get 90% less energy so lets say that the plant is 1000% of energy so when the mouse eat the plant its will be 100% less energy so its take less energy when its eat the plant also for the animals that eat the mouse.

Lets imagine that the warblers sick and then died,so the houbara will eat only in U.A.E the beetles that mean that the number of beetles and houbaras will decrease but the number of grasses will increase.

Migration: What is all about?

The houbara migrate to have food and for the weather because she con not live in countries that are so cold or so hot,she migrate from U.A.E to Khazakhstan in summer because U.A.E summer is very hot and she migrate from Khazakhstan to U.A.E in winter because Khazakhstan winter is cold.

When the houbara migrate its have a lot of obstacles that she is facing it and one of them is that she will have baby in every country I think and she will be very fair attack for every animal,also she adapt with migrate when she choose the correct environment that are safe and have food,absolutely their will be a devices that the houbara see it and from each device the houbara learn to do not do this thing to do not have any device.

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Why are the houbara vulnerable to extinction?

When the houbara migrate to a new location she will be more vulnerable because she is not know the device that the animals do for it even she is not know who is the animals that want to eat her,and that also one of the adaptations she is also do not how to catch and kill the prey because the prey maybe know the device of the houbara.

The relationship between the falcon and the houbara is that the falcon is a pradtor but the houbara is a prey,The houbara is a historical animal because in the past our grandfathers in U.A.E was eat it.

How the NARC carries out to conserve the houbara?

The narc conserve the houbara by the GPS and doing a Nature reserves.
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