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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Do you ever wake up with a song stuck in your head? For me, it was "I'm So Blessed" by CAIN this morning. My favorite line - the one that usually causes a bit of moisture in my eyes - is "On my best day, I'm a child of God. On my worst day, I'm a child of God." If ever there was a reason to praise, that is it.

Today, I challenge you to take a period of time to tally your blessings. Maybe start with 5 minutes. Get out a pen and paper, set a timer, and make a mark for every blessing you count (I tallied 53 for myself). Yahweh is worthy of the best of all 7 types of praise!

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A Reason for Fasting

In the newsletter last week, I included a short video explaining the basics of fasting. Between now and January, we will talk more about this spiritual discipline. Now seems like an odd time because this is the beginning of "eating season'"! But we know from the writer of Ecclesiastes that there is a season for every purpose under heaven. We are beginning a feast season, after that, a fast season.

In the midst of all the busyness that accompanies the holidays, we will encounter needs. As we see family and friends that we haven't in a while, or meet new friends, we will surely hear about some struggles. Use this season as a time of preparation. As you hear of the needs - a bad report from the doctor, a marriage in crisis, a child with an addiction - consider that the voice of God telling you what you will be fasting for.

Fasting needs an aim. Not simply weight loss after the holidays. We may want to know God's plan for our lives, see a miracle performed, have clarity on a decision. Set a personal aim - "God, I want You to answer __________ for me." Also set an aim for a loved one - "God, I heard over Christmas that ___________ is struggling! I fast on their behalf."

Please understand that fasting is not a magic spell. When we set aside a meal, a particular food, or an activity that is important to us, God is not forced to answer our prayer however we ask. Instead, it is a discipline. It is a way to train our hearts to turn to God in prayer and the Word for comfort and answers rather than turn to food, substances, or distractions. Fasting opens our eyes to things we rely upon other than God!

I believe that God is going to do great things as we get serious about this time with Him!

Chris Tomlin - Always (Live In Nashville 2022)