Our June Newsletter

An Unforgettable School Year

Dear LLC Families,

I never would have thought that we wouldn’t return to school or see each other again when we left on March 13th, due to the pandemic. I will admit that I was holding on to hope and in some way, I was in denial. I wanted to return to the staff that I was beginning to get to know. I wanted to return to the classrooms where I was becoming a familiar face to many students. We had so many more memories to share in, such as our garden activities, our Latino Night, assemblies, HSA events, and our Moving Up Ceremony. It's unfortunate that the year ended so suddenly and without notice.

As we end the 2019-20 school year, I want to say thank you to so many special people.

Thank you to our families that have stepped in. Although you are already your child’s first educator, and you already wear so many hats, this has been a lot. Thank you for juggling the demands of your job, being a parent, a chef, and a full-time teacher so well. We have no doubt that your children have had an amazing time at home with you. You have been everything. From all of us at LLC, thank you for your partnership. It’s been an awesome sight to see.

Thank you to our teachers and our Child Study Team. In the rush of it all, you quickly became familiar with all of the virtual tools you needed to know to stay connected to your families and students. We all appreciate you.

Thank you to our secretarial, custodial, medical staff, and our amazing specialists at LLC. For everything and anything I need help with, you are there! I couldn’t do this job without you, nor would I want to.

Ernest Hemingway said, "Courage is grace under pressure." You are quite a courageous group!

It's a launch!

This week we launched the Morris School District Preschool Program website. The site has everything you need to know about the program including our preschool sites, registration, and frequently asked questions. Be sure to check it out and pass it along to others.

Virtual Parent Workshop

Please join us for some helpful information on assisting

your child with a smooth transition to Kindergarten:

June 12 @ 10:00 English session link:


June 12 @ 11: 30 Spanish session link:


Curriculum Connections:

Explore: Natural Collections

Children can spend hours outdoors engaged in elaborate play using materials found in their environment. Natural items like feathers, leaves, and sand hold so much potential for exploratory practices in math and science. Encouraging children to keep collections of natural materials, like pinecones, shells, or rocks, is a great way to incorporate math and science into outdoor play. Children can describe common characteristics, like size, color, and shape, and then use classifying rules to put items into groups. Children can also bring materials indoors for in-depth exploration and play. We keep collections in the various centers in our classroom so that the children can play with them on a daily basis. Families are encouraged to search their yards and neighborhoods for materials to start a collection on their own.

Teaching Problem-Solving Skills

Teaching problem-solving skills and emotional regulation are important skills for preschoolers. Children first need to identify the emotions within themselves before being able to understand emotions within others. Picture charts of emotions can be a great way to help children identify how they are feeling. Children also require strategies in managing their feelings. Here is a story for helping children with problem-solving in English and Spanish. You can visit this site for more materials for helping your child identify feelings and other social-emotional skills.

More Great Stuff from Grow It Green!

Farmer Shaun and Farmer Tina lead a field trip to The Urban Farm to learn about 12 different plants that are growing at the farm in early May. Along the way, children can test their knowledge of plant parts to see if they can guess what part of the plant (root, stem, flower, etc) we are eating when we eat the different fruits and vegetables. Also in the video is a cucumber planting with Farmer Shaun, a visit with the chickens, and a demonstration of making homemade hummus dip for all of those delicious veggies.

Virtual Book Club

This month we will host a virtual book reading. Ms. Amy and Ms. Stefanie will be reading the story, The Giving Tree on June 1st at 6:00 pm. Please wear your pj's and bring your favorite stuffed animal. If you would like to be added to the invitation, please email: Amy.Manobianca@msdk12.net

Immunizations Will Be Required for the 2020-21 School Year

Doctor's are accepting well visits. Please make sure you update your child's physical and immunizations. Without this, your child cannot start school. Please email your documents to sharon.mcdonald@msdk12.net and deborah.korczukowski@msdk12.net.

LLC Staff News:

What will it be?

Congratulation to our Social Worker, Nicole Mercado as she goes off on maternity leave and awaits her baby to be. We can't wait to hear the big words, "It's a boy or It''s a girl. We will keep you posted!

Community Resources:

Food Assistance

In need of food assistance, these Organizations can help. Click here for more info. English / Spanish

Face Masks

Need a Face Mask? Morristown Residents can call: 973-292-6604

or email R-Flanagan@townofmorristown.org

Staying Strong and Positive for Ourselves and Our Children During COVID-19

In the midst of physical distancing and self-quarantine, Be Strong Families is offering opportunities to online learn and grow and share together!