Global Climate Change

Molli Mayo

What is Global Climate Change?

Global Climate Change is when the earths climate is unusual because of air pollution and air emissions.

What Are The Causes?

What causes global climate change are mainly greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses are gasses that get stuck in the earths atmosphere. Some of the gasses are water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Other factors are burning fossil fuels and the clearing of land for agriculture and industry and other human activities.

What Has It Done?

Global Climate Change has affected the earth in many ways. Some examples are that in the last 10 years rate of world warming has doubled, 1884-2015 average temperature went up 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, rate of loss antarctic last 134 billion metric tons, last 100 years 6.7’’ water level went up. These affects are killing creating a lot of endangered species such as polar bears who have started starving because they can't hunt.

What Will Be Affected?

Because of global climate change there is predictions that are already starting to happen and some areas that will not be able to handle the change. By 2100 sea level may go up 1-4 ‘’-Warm oceans, melt glaciers, increase ocean levels, North Atlantic hurricanes are likely to become more dangerous.

What Is Being Done?

Agencies and programs are trying to find ways that help prevent and slow down climate change are they're are simple ways people at home can change.Change to energy efficient light bulbs, recycle, the EPA is partnering with a lot of people evaluating data trying to come up with a way to help GCC, the EPA has programs that help coastal managers get prepared and adapted to Global Climate Change.