Green Team Weekly Update

Week of 3/23-3/27

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mrs. Forderhase

We know this is a challenging time for you and our students. Please know that the Green Team is working tirelessly to provide online learning that will be meaningful for your child.

This first week of learning in ELA will be used to learn about Zoom etiquette and online learning expectations for ELA. We will establish the habits of reading and writing daily.
This unique time in history provides us with a great opportunity for students to write about what life is like for them. They will produce writing that captures their thoughts and feelings and experiences during this time.

Before break, I made sure that every student had a new book to read, and hopefully, those books made it home. The expectation will be that students will read for at least 15 minutes per day. Next week, I will provide students with online resources to use for reading material if books are unavailable.

Please know that you may email or call with any questions or concerns!

Thank you for your support. Stay well!

Science- Mrs. Kenney

The first week of online learning in Science will be reviewing our Energy Unit. Students will receive assignments in Google Classroom. Instructions for each assignment and due dates will be posted in Google Classroom. Please email or call with any questions or concerns.

Social Studies- Mr. Ward

In Social Studies will be beginning our Civil Right unit for our first week of distance learning. Students will begin with the Bill of Rights and the remaining 17 amendments of the U.S Constitution. All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. Students will also be introduced to a Daily Prompt and Journal activity on Monday. This will allow students to begin making their own primary resource of this unprecedented time in our history. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. I hope you are all doing well and thank you for your support.


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