Green Team Weekly Update

Week of 2/8-2/12

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mrs. Lowe

This week in ELA we took a comprehension quiz over section 1 of Salt to the Sea and participated in both verbal and written discussions over the novel. We had another mini lesson this week over analyzing how characters respond to difficult situations and what we can learn about them through those responses. Students also had class time to read section two of the novel (pgs. 99 - 171) and complete a jot over their reading. Students have access to their novel through the Actively Learn website. Section 2 of the novel and the jot 2, if not completed in class, should be completed by Monday, February 15th. Next week, we will start discussions over that section.

Science- Mrs. Kenney

This week in science, we began our Forces and Interactions Unit. We discussed types of forces, motion, acceleration, and Newton’s first law. Students took notes and completed a virtual Gizmo lab on pendulums. We finished the week with a quiz over the material. Students should have completed one attempt at the Canvas quiz in class on Thursday, February 11th. We will continue with our Forces and Interactions Unit next week. Students should be keeping up with their assignments. Once the quarter ends, students will not be able to go back in Canvas to make up work. Please check in SIS to make sure that your child is not missing any assignments. Any missing work must be turned in prior to the end of this term/quarter.

Social Studies- Dr. Rachal

This week in social studies students watched America Story of Us: Civil War. As part of the Civil Rights unit we refresh previous learning regarding the differences between the Northern states and Southern states, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow era, and resistance and rebellion in order to understand the impetus behind the Civil Rights movement. Thursday students took a quiz over 16 of the terms they defined last week for the Civil Rights Unit. Next week students will further explore the difference between the Northern states and Southern states that lead to the Civil War.


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