8 Unity

December 2, 2022

Important Information

Please see the following link for Team Unity’s Canvas Instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CQV4kWXMMmI4G88FEDu2ODyJVuP3Ur5qSWpoWR-yiFE/edit?usp=sharing

Please see the following link for Team Unity’s Expectations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BRMROEWDBZ5sXcs_kkaeax7E2Kg1eNNOC7mWiwKna0E/edit?usp=sharing

ELA: Mrs. Lowe

In the past few weeks in ELA, we …

1. Started our memoir unit with a pre-assessment. We then talked about characteristics of memoirs and read our first memoir “Lost and Found”. We used close reading strategies and did a first read of the text as a class looking for unknown words. After an “unknown word” discussion, students participated in a 2nd read where they highlighted and annotated the text looking to ask questions, make connections, and identify various elements that they noticed the author using. Students then completed a 4 square identifying the memory, author’s craft moves, the lesson learned, and connections to the text.

2. Continued with our Everyday Edits with support in place if students felt that they needed some assistance in the process. Students provided feedback on the corrections that they didn't make when they should have made. Through mini lessons we then to focused on singular and plural possessive nouns and the difference between “then” and “than”

If your student is absent, please have them check on the “What Did I Miss?” button on my Canvas homepage. It is updated daily during 7th hour.

Science: Ms. Kenney

These past few weeks in science, we continued with our Chemistry Unit.

1. Students learned about endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions and completed a lab over the material.

2. Students learned about natural and synthetic materials.

3. Students mummified a potato in an interdisciplinary lab with aspects in social studies and chemistry

4. Students learned about how particles behave in the different states of matter.

5. Students learned about temperature, heat, and heat transfer.

6. Students completed a quiz over the material.

7. Students should have worked on their study guide for their Chemistry Part 2 Summative Test that will be this upcoming Tuesday, December 6th.

8. After the summative test, we will begin a project that involves tissue paper. We ask each group of students to bring in some tissue paper, if possible. We would greatly appreciate any tissue paper donations.

Please remind your child to check in Canvas on the Homepage Absent button when they miss class or need to see the slides of notes, and remind them to see me during Statesman Time if they need help. Thank you!

Social Studies: Mr. Ward

These past few weeks in Social Studies, we completed our look at Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kush. We finished our study of Egypt by partnering with Science to explore mummification. Students conducted experiments that simulated the mummification process. We then explored how the natural world influenced ancient people’s belief systems. Students were then exposed to several myths that attempted to explain some aspects of the natural world. Students then selected an ancient civilization’s religious pantheon to research. Next week, students will share their findings in a Gallery Walk. On Wednesday 12/7 students will take a summative assessment answering the question, How did the natural world help shape belief systems?

If your student is absent, please have them to check Canvas for any missing work by clicking the “What did I miss” button.

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