8 Unity

September 17, 2021

Welcome back!

Please see the following link for Team Unity’s Canvas Instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CQV4kWXMMmI4G88FEDu2ODyJVuP3Ur5qSWpoWR-yiFE/edit?usp=sharing

Please see the following link for Team Unity’s Expectations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BRMROEWDBZ5sXcs_kkaeax7E2Kg1eNNOC7mWiwKna0E/edit?usp=sharing

ELA: Ms. Lowe

This week in ELA we focused on the roots mar/mer, aqui/aqua and hydr. We practiced daily with our vocabulary words and took our quiz over the roots and terms on Friday. We also continued with our 6 signposts of reading focusing on characters having an Aha Moment. Students spent time reading their novels looking for instances when characters came to a realization or finally figured something out. Students had the opportunity to jot in their thinkbooks to explain the Aha moment they noticed along with providing their thinking, theories and predictions about what may happen in the future of their novels based on this information. I checked in with students to read and give feedback on their first jot. We also continued our read aloud of the book Orbiting Jupiter. Next week we will start off with NWEA testing and then continue on in the unit by learning about our next signpost: The Memory Moment!

Science: Ms. Kenney

This week in science, we continued with our Foundations Unit and Density Labs. Students should have completed Density Labs 2 and 3. Students investigated the densities of different objects while also practicing following the scientific method. They should have notes in their science notebooks to help them. We ended the week with another weekly quiz over density. Students should be studying their notes each week. We will finish up our Foundations Unit next week. Students will receive a study guide and have a test on Thursday over the material.

Social Studies: Mr. Ward

This week in social studies, students participated in an activity called Iceman History Mystery, Students acted as Archaeologists and Anthropologists to determine what happened to Otzi the Iceman. This activity took [place over three days. On the first day, we looked at a series of artifacts to write an initial theory. On days two and three students individually looked at more evidence to rewrite their theories. This activity helped students simulate historians and scientists learn about the past.. After revising their theories we watched the PBS documentary. called Iceman Reborn. On Monday students will take their summative assessment for this unit. ,

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