Khudoyberdi Kokelov

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My Life Before ISAK

Assalamu Aleykum which mean "Peace be upon you" this is how we greet each others in Tajikistan. My name is Khudoyberdi Kokelov but here at ISAK I have got a new nick name which is Berdi. I was born in 10th of April 1998 in Tajikistan. My last school where i studied was secondary school in Qurghonteppa, and this is my first time moving from one school to another but differently, I moved so far from my home country. It is so exciting that I can go outside of my country and studying or just visit and get more opportunity. Before I didn't know that. I love ISAK, because I met a lot of good people and best teachers ever. I hope to be a very good child and be patient to everything. ISAK is a peacefull place that I have seen ever in my entire life.





I have learnt many things from these competitions and one of them was from iEARN photojournalism. I learnt that the first place is not important because there will be many competitions.

MY FAMILY: My Older brother

I love my brother because, he made me a better person that you see now. He is now working in Russian to get some money and make all our conditions good.
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More information about me.

If you want to know more about me. You can find me from facebook and