By: Chase davis


Do you know the bubble gum is made from tree reisen ? Read below to find out more about bubble gum.


Bubble gum is made from tree reisen or latex. After the farmer ships it to the factory to be made into bubble gum.


The workers pour the gum base, Than they put it into the mixer. They then add flavor and color, Then they pour in litcose and dextrose to sweeten the gum, Then they put in the oven or 243f for 20min, Then every melt together, Than put through the pre-Extruder!!! Than it gets cut into slices, Than the strips are put in the cooling chamber at 37-45f, Than the gum gets seasoned, Than the sheets get broken up and put in aluminum foil and paper. Finally put into packages then sent into retail outlets.


Consumers buy the bubble gum to chew and blow bubbles. It is sold in little boxes.

Fun Facts

The ancient greek chewed the sap of the mastic tree. People are trying to make a gum flavor that last for ten hours! Did you know that gum balls make up 3% of chewing gum.


Now you know how bubble gum is made and next time you chewing gum think about how the process works. ITS PRETTY COOL!
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