Local News Update: Staying Safe

Preventing Cuts

Stay Sharp

Even though it may sound weird it is way safer to cut with a sharper knife than a dull one.I know, strange isn't it, but cutting with a dull knife is very dangerous. With a dull knife a person would have to put more force into it than what he/she would do with a sharp knife. Do you understand now? If not, listen to this scenario. Lets just imagine if you were cutting meat with a dull knife and it just so happens that your finger is right under the meat. You'll push even harder on the meat with the knife because it is dull: this will give just enough force to cut through the meat and your finger. Do you understand now?

Preventing Cuts

How To

Well preventing cuts is simple really. Just keep knives sharp and be very careful. Try not to swing your arms while holding a knife for your safety and other people's safety also. Be considerate for other people. Always use a cutting board when you cut.