Social Committee

Social Committee Organization

It is that time again. Time to get our Berkman Social Committee formed for the school year. The social committee is a team that helps gather dues which goes towards the staff Christmas party,and the end of the year party, cakes for showers and other events or happenings throughout the year. The Committee also helps organize events through out the year such as pot luck lunches and after school functions.

Each team is responsible for having one representative on the committee. Please take a moment to decide who will be the representative for you team and let me know who it is.

Social Committee Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 3pm

Berkman Art Room

Please let me know who the representative is and if they will be attending the meeting.

Kid Snippets: "My Teacher is an Alien" (Imagined by Kids)

Funny to get your day going.

Thought I would share a video with you since we all need a good laugh. If you have never watched any of these video you are missing out. So funny. Just what our crazy lives need. A little laughter. Enjoy.