West Region

by:Andrew Nichols

The West Region

The following states are in the West Region, Oregon,Arizona,California,Washington,New Mexico,Utah,South Dakota,North Dakota,Colorado,Wyoming,Montana,Idaho,Nevada,Alaska,and Hawaii. Most of the states in the West region have all types of Mountains and canyons like the Grand Canyon and Oregon's biggest canyon in the whole North America regions is 8,000 feet deep. Washington is famous for football and others as Seattle seahawks won their first Superbowl in 2014 as they beat the Denver broncos 43-8 in Superbowl 48 last year

Oregon's Canyon

Oregon is most famous and known for is its canyon that is 8,000 feet. The canyon is the largest gorge in North America and the West region also the United States of America. Oregon's canyon is 10 miles wide. parts of the canyon is richly colored with red, yellow, and orange. The canyon was created by the snake river which made it 10 miles long in measuring.

Lewis And Clark

Lewis and Clark both went threw the west region most of their journey that are 3rd president Thomas Jefferson. He sent them to discover in life we bought from the french in the Louisiana purchase in 1803. Lewis and Clark discovered 100 new animals and 178 new plants like black bears. Lewis and Clark had help from Sacagawea, a young native girl from the Shoshone tribe to help guide them threw the forest.

Rocky Mountains

The rocky mountains is a trip to go to during the summer and see mountains that go half way threw the United States of America. The rocky mountains got their name from a man named St Pierre's journal from Indians that he met. The rocky mountain phrase still catches on to the 21st century and to 2015 and on.
The West Region