Learn yoga with the experts

Ashtanga Yoga in Dharmshala

Learn yoga with the experts

Yoga, the ancient form of exercises and controlled breathing has been used since ages to bring about good health and unity of one mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. People have been practicing the art forever to be in control of their lives and lead of a healthier life. Today, once again, yoga has caught the attention of the world and people are looking towards yoga as a way to heal from inside and out. Samyak Yoga in india is an international learning center that aims at providing quality Yoga teacher training to people with dedication and passion for yoga, is willing to spread yoga as a way of life in its purest form to the masses.

Many people flock to the international learning center round the year to learn the ancient art form from the basic to the most advanced level. Acquiring the necessary skill and right way to practice the art of yoga takes practice, patience, and years of devotion to master it. So, not anyone can become a teacher with a few training sessions. The Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala offered by the Samyak yoga team and experts is aims at bringing the expertise a step closer to realization for people who are already learned in the field to master the same and take it to next level.

The team offers at the most basic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training, which includes about 70 postures linked to proper breathing and control of the human body. The course offers to train through practice of the yoga asanas, theory on the basic of the postures, the need for breathing and posture control along with supervision of experts to guide through each class of the course.

The Yoga Alliance 200 hrs teacher training course is a comprehensive course that helps one learn yoga and draw the benefits for the overall well being and health. With their internationally approved training, one can learn, practice and teach yoga across the globe, anywhere. It is a great way to excel at yoga and at the same time draw benefits from our own learning and transform our lives along with those of many others by the way of spreading the teachings.