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The faculty and staff at CPHS are excited to get back into the classroom with our students this fall! A safe and healthy school environment is our priority. As you know, we are planning to return to school as scheduled on August 11th. Please read through the important bullet points below.

  • Please note that there will NOT be an Open House this year. We will have a separate date for 7th grade orientation, which is detailed below.

  • Doors will be unlocked for students to enter the building each morning at 7:50. This will limit the contact time in the hallways while also allowing for students to grab breakfast in the cafeteria, if they wish to do so.

  • Students will be required to wear a mask/face covering while on the bus and in the hallways. Once seated in a classroom, teachers will make a determination for their individual classrooms if and when masks/face coverings are appropriate.

  • Students may bring a clear water bottle with them daily to fill at the filling stations, as traditional water fountains will not be in use.

  • All students should be screened by their parent/guardian before leaving for school in the morning. Once students arrive on campus, they will also be screened by school staff, which will include a temperature check.

  • Classrooms will be disinfected during each passing period, and hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the building. We encourage students to use these stations as often as possible, as well as washing hands when necessary.


Incoming 7th grade students will have orientation on Friday, August 7th. Students will be able to practice working their lockers, go through their schedule to find classrooms, and have a presentation given by the Counseling Department and Administration. Students should enter the building using the Auditorium doors (W15), sign in, and be seated in the Auditorium. If you have a Chromebook from last school year, please bring that with you, as you will be receiving a new one this year.

We will have three shifts of orientation based on last name. Having smaller groups will help to streamline the process.

A-F 9:00-11:00 a.m.

G-O 1:00-3:00 p.m.

P-Z 3:00-5:00 p.m.

If you are unable to attend during those hours, we will offer an evening session from 5:00-7:00 p.m.


Due to the recent events of COVID-19, Clinton Prairie has had to change their transportation and student drop off policy. Please read the following policies below, so you can make the appropriate accommodations if necessary.

Bus Transportation

All Clinton Prairie School Corporation buses and mini buses will be thoroughly disinfected before and after routes. Any student riding the bus will be required to wear a face covering. Parents will transport students to school if they do not want their child wearing a face covering on the bus. An extra supply of face coverings will be available on each bus for students who forget to bring one. All parents and guardians will specify a specific plan for their student’s transportation at the beginning of the school year. This plan should not change unless the family moves or a change of parent employment or status that affects the transportation plan. Each child will be assigned as either:

  1. Drives to school

  2. Independently transported to school

  3. Bus transportation to school with

    1. Assigned to one bus only (no multiple bus assignments)

    2. Assigned to a given seat on the bus

    3. No eating or drinking on bus unless a medical emergency - i.e. Diabetic

    4. Any changes that a parent or guardian wishes to make will occur at the bus pick up or drop off location after the child has left the school bus.

    5. There may be times when a driver is quarantined. In these instances, all efforts will be made to find a substitute driver. There may be times when this is not possible and parents will need to provide transportation for their child who rides this particular route.

Seating charts will be used and siblings will be seated together.

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July 29: Stuff the Bus - school supply donations at Wal-Mart from 5-7pm

August 11: First Student Day

September 9: School Pictures

October 12-16: Fall Break


We have slightly modified our daily schedule for students. We will start our day three minutes earlier than in years past, in order to limit contact time in the hallways in the morning and to add one minute to passing periods to ensure enough time between classes to properly sanitize classrooms. Our day will still end at 3:00 p.m., and no major loss of instructional time will occur. Homeroom has also been moved to the start of second period.

PERIOD 1 8:05 - 8:54

Homeroom 8:59 - 9:18

PERIOD 2 9:18 - 10:07

PERIOD 3 10:12 - 11:00

PERIOD 4 11:05 - 11:54

A LUNCH 11:54 - 12:20

PERIOD 5 12:25 - 1:14

PERIOD 5 11:59 - 12:48

B LUNCH 12:48 - 1:15

PERIOD 6 1:20 - 2:08

PERIOD 7 2:12 - 3:00


Teachers use Canvas as a hub for student work. They often post announcements, notes, and assignment details within their Canvas courses. As a parent, you're able to sign up for an observer account to keep track of what your students see in their courses. The link below walks you through the process of setting up an observer account with and linking that account to your student. In that process, you'll be asked to provide a student pairing code. There is a link within the article that will take your student through the process of generating that code. Additionally, there are links to articles at the bottom of the page for adding additional students to your account and altering your notification preferences.