Magnificent Makers

Making the most magnificent thing...

Do you have students who want to make a magnificent thing, but give up when they can't make it perfectly? Teaching our kids to work hard and to stick with something even when they keep hitting a wall is no easy task, but connecting your curriculum with Maker space activities can offer opportunities for kids to build resiliency while they "make to learn." Learn the power of "yet"
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Great invention for teachers

Spinner Be Gone
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The Most Magnificent Thing Stop Motion
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Corn Flakes

Microwave Ovens

Silly Putty

Post-it Notes



Potato Chips



MakerSpace Math

How does an activity like this provide differentiation for your SPED & GT students?

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How MacGyverish are you?

Read the information about the kayaker who drifted out to sea. Can you find a solution to the problem? What would you do if you were drifting out on the ocean in a small kayak and needed to find a way back to shore? Write your solution.

Think about something you have to teach the 1st 9 weeks...

How could you incorporate making into a lesson for that topic?

Every childhood deserves a makerspace | Vipul Redey | TEDxYouth@Colombo
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