NHS Weekly Memo

October 29th- November 2nd

Week at a Glance

Monday 10/29: A 1 2 6 7 3 4

Tuesday 10/30: B 5 1 6 7 2 3

Wednesday 10/31: C 4 5 6 7 1 2; Happy Halloween

Thursday 11/1: D 3 4 6 7 5 1

Friday 11/2: E 2 3 6 7 4 5; Quarter 1 Ends

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September Student of the Month winners: Ruby Holz (9), Mason Consigli (10), Hattie Tauson (11), and Talya Castonguay (12)

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Mr. Katz addresses seniors on the financial aspects of college

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Principal's Corner- Tim McCormick

This past week, the NHS staff spent time on professional development that centered around both our advanced ALICE training and the data analysis process. Student resource officer Tom Dejordy with support from local and neighboring Police, Fire, and EMT professionals coordinated a two hour "hands on" practical training for enhanced lockdown protocols and procedures. These scenarios prompted meaningful discussion and will prepare all members of the NHS community if an emergency should arise. The data analysis training will help all of our staff use the same collective lense when analyzing student data points. All staff will regularly use data to drive the decisions they make around student learning.

Our guidance department held a financial aid/FAFSA workshop for our senior class during our weekly advisory block. As we move forward throughout the school year, the guidance department will be providing our students with valuable insight on the college application and financial aid processes.

The NHS concert band, marching band, and concert choir held an amazing fall concert Thursday night under the direction of our new music director Rachel Oestreicher. Congratulations to all of our students and faculty members involved in this great night!

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Justice Academy- Ms. Bentley and Mr. Finkel

Lieutenant Timothy Labrie of the Northbridge Police Department came to NHS on Thursday to speak to Alan Finkel’s law class as well as justice academy students. Students participated in a conversation that lead into a dialogue about the opioid epidemic. Several students acknowledged they know someone who has suffered with an opioid addiction and that they are looking for support in fighting this deadly epidemic. Lieutenant Labrie went on to discuss other aspects of our drug laws; alcohol abuse (and driving); motor vehicle law; larceny; crimes against property, and firearms laws. Lieutenant Labrie speaks to the law classes twice a year on current issues that can affect the students of Northbridge High School.

Technology/Engineering/Robotics- Ms. Cote

I wanted to try and give the students in Manufacturing Technology a design challenge. I felt I needed to create a “hook” for them to become interested in the concept of manufacturing and all the elements that make up the process. After researching different collaboration ideas, I came across the Sea Perch project which was designed by MIT. I had introduced the students in Engineering the Future to The Ocean Cleanup project which was launched by a 24 year old man from the Netherlands. We followed it as it was initiated in early September. I told them that they were the generation that could really make a difference and have echoed that sentiment in my other classes. So when I read about how the Sea Perch vessel can be used for water testing, I began to look for ways I could integrate this material between the classes.

My first step was to share the idea with Manufacturing Tech and explain to them that I would like a vessel to take water samples. I wanted to have the students from ETF collect water samples from our local pond to test for water quality. I wanted to make a connection to the Ocean Cleanup project and give them a chance to collect and analyze real data. My challenge to the students in Manufacturing Tech was to design a vessel which would be lightweight, easily portable, and most importantly be buoyant. I explained that I wanted to research the Sea Perch vessel and see if we could use the technology we have to recreate a similar design or innovate something new that would allow me to get the water samples needed for our data collection.

I challenged the students to create teams and come up with a team name/logo and some developed a slogan. We then began the engineering design process. I explained that I was a customer and I was coming to their Design/Manufacturing company to pitch my idea for a vessel to collect water samples. They need to conduct research on previous designs or inventions and see what they could develop for me to obtain my goal. They created designs using CAD and graph paper based on their research. The next step in the process was building a mock up. The students used straws and 3D printed materials to test for buoyancy. We went to the science lab and tested our initial designs.

This week the students worked on any modifications and continued with the 3D printing. I told them they needed to provide me with an update on the project. So as the customer, I called in a meeting and had them present their proposals to me. They created slide shows showing me what they have designed and gave an oral presentation on their status and expected outcomes. They also provided me with a list of materials they will need to continue.