Political Scientist

Hugo Romero

Duties and Responsibilities

Political Scientists advise the public, the government, or business on political issues. They also research and analyse, the operation of governments, government policies, political trends, and other related issues. Political Scientist deal with a lot of surveys and statistics, and try to gather information from them.

Work Schedule/ Work Hours

Most political scientist work full time, but may work over time trying to finish reports or meet deadlines.

Working Locations

53% of Political Scientist work the government however some political scientist work for non profit organizations, political lobby groups, colleges or universities, and labor organizations.

Salary Wages/Average Wages

On average political scientist make about $107,420, however the prices vary depending on who you work for. If you work the the federal government you tend to make about $119,130, if you work for scientific research and development services you make about $95,640, and if you work for colleges or universities you make around $47,810.

Education Needed

Political scientist need a master's degree in political science, public administration, or a related field. However if you have a bachelor's degree you can qualify for entry level jobs as research assistants, non profit organizations, or nonprofit organizations.

Skills Required

Four important qualities needed to be a political scientist are, critical thinking, good writing skills, analytic skills, and intellectual curiosity.

Job Outlook/Growth

Political science jobs are expected to grow about 8% from 2010 to 2020. Employment will increase in response to a growing interest in politics, and political policies.

Advanced Opportunity/Related Jobs

There are many jobs similar to a political scientist. Most related jobs require at least a bachelor's degree but some require a masters. Examples of jobs that are similar to political scientist are economist, historian, legislator, post secondary school teacher, survey researchers, and sociologists.