William Turner

He lived to be 76 years old

Background history:

He was born in London, United Kingdom. Turner trained both within and outside of the Royal Academy Schools. He was accepted when he was only 14 years old. He sold his first painting at the age of 12! He was the son of a wig-maker and his mentally unstable wife. Turner spent little time around his family.

Art Movements & Contributions:

He was involved with the Romanticism movement. He was a major part of it, but he wasn't the founder of the movement. He also started to help impressionism get started. He painted landscapes that were full of emotion.

Conway Castle

This one is my favorite out of Turner's artwork. He made it look idealistic but also i feel that it is real too. He didn't use very vibrant colors, but dull ones instead to be true to what it really is. I definitely see lines in this painting.