Classroom News

Mrs. Embretson, January 9

Week at a glance...

Reading: I read two popular books by Jan Brett: The Mitten and The Hat. After reading each story we discussed the characters, events, and setting. We also read two sight word poems this week. Both poems contained sight words I have introduced already: have, can, see, you, in, the. During small group instruction, I started introducing a new activity that will help them blend sounds to read words more fluently.

Writing: I introduced how to make a story book and we started a list of "What Good Writing Looks Like". The story books are simply 4 pieces of paper stapled together. The children create a cover and then write and illustrate a simple story with a beginning, middle, and end. The stories can be real or imaginary. The writing chart, when finished :), will be a checklist they will use to edit and revise their writing. It will include: spaces between words, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, punctuation at the end of sentences, and neatness.

Math: Most of the week was spent learning about shapes and sorting objects by various attributes such as size, shape, and color. The children spent time exploring how they can put shapes together to make new shapes.

Social Studies/Science/Health: Tuesday was National Bird Day and our Let's Find Out magazine taught us about birds in winter and how they stay cozy. On Friday, we made pinecone bird feeders with our 3rd grade buddies.

Snack Helpers, Jan. 11-15







Building attendance goal: 96%.

Our class attendance this week: 93.62%


PTO meeting, Monday, January 11, 5:30

No School, Monday, January 18

Box Top contest ends near the end of February. Keep those Box Tops coming!