reflecting on what is learned and help needed

What is CASH Out?

  • CASH stands for Cognitive, Affective, Surprise, Help

  • Encourages metacognition
  • Can be paired with Socratic Seminars or other discussions
  • Use as a review strategy

More to Explore

Extension: Using CASH Out with Jigsaw

Download this template to use when you have divided up topics for peers to teach each other.

Bonus: Free Printable

Download this free printable template.

Ideas for Application

English/Language Arts:

  • What do you understand about analyzing Ethos in persuasive writing?
  • What have you learned about how a person’s perspective can color their view of justice?


  • What have you learned about genetics that would be interesting/beneficial in this discussion?

Career and Technology Education:

  • What have you learned about the necessity of a design process?

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