By Kalysta Avery

The mysterious Caddo tribe

The Caddo lived in east Texas in piney forests. Their territory extended into Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. There are many springs, creeks, streams and several large rivers and lakes in this area. The Caddo lived in tall cone shaped grass huts, these huts were nicely furnished inside with furniture. And were quite comfy! One of the reasons Spanish liked Caddos is because they had beds chairs inside these huts. This reminded the Spanish of their own beds and chairs. The Caddos were farmers. They planted crops in large clearings in the woods. They raised corn, beans, and squash. They also hunted deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrels and other animals in the pine woods. They made clothing from deer and elk hides. The men wore breechcloths, fringed shirts, and leggings. Women wore woven-grass breechcloths, under their dresses. The Caddo made very beautiful pottery. Their pottery was made with animal heads, tails, feet, and other features molded into it. This kind of molded pottery is called effigy pottery!