Should Marijuana be legal?

By: Enrique Vargas

Prohibition of Marijuana

The prohibition movement began in the 1930s. The marijuana prohibition campaign was a success in 1937 when the US congress banned the cultivation, sale, possession, and use of marijuana. It was officially banned because of the effect it gives.

Current Legal Status of Marijuana in the US

There are two states, Colorado and Washington, that it is now legal. There, you can grow, sell, buy, and possess it. It is legally prescribed for medical reasons in some other states in the US. In some occasions, the DEA has raided and shut down places where its legally prescribed. Although, in 2010, California wanted to fully legalize it but it was outvoted.
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Reasons Supporting It

The government could benefit from legalizing it because there are millions of dollars being spent on marijuana law enforcement. The government would instead collect tax revenues firm the sell and distribution. A study in 2005 showed that marijuana counted almost half of drug arrests. Legalizing it would free law enforcement, street crimes will be reduced since a lot of drug dealers will be out of business, and also, drug-related violence in the US and bordering countries could be cut down. It should also be legalized because it could help for some medical conditions. Lastly, marijuana activists believe that individuals have the right whether or not to use marijuana.
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Reasons Against It

To begin with, people say it is a 'gateway drug' that could affect young kids on high school graduation rates, college enrollment, and youth employment. In addition, there is no evidence but people believe it is bad for your health because it would damage the heart, lungs, and brain. Also, because marijuana slows reaction times so some people believe it could cause more car accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Lastly, people believe it would cause more crimes and because its use is inherently unethical and immoral.
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