Cotton Gin

The Cotton Gin was Invented..

Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was an American inventor, who created the Cotton Gin. He did not actually created it. The cotton gin was already invented, but Eli made changes and said he invented it. The cotton gin was one of the key inventions in the Industrial Revolution.
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A Helpful Invention

The cotton Gin was an helpful invention because it made cotton get the seeds out very quickly. It help the south, but what wasn't good is that the number of slaves increased. Slaves only used to make one pound a day, but now they make 50 pounds a day.


"In September or October the bolls filled out and burst into white puffs of lint. . . .The cotton gin separated the seeds from the lint, which was baled and sold."- Pete Daniel.

"For a century and a half cotton farming dominated the southern United States. Indeed the invention of the cotton gin, followed by only four years the establishment of the government. . . . The cotton gin was such a simple machine that it was endlessly replicated in each settlement as cotton marched west from county to county."- Pete Daniel.