First Team

Genaro Marinan

About The Book "First Team"

The book “First Team” by Tim Green is about a kid named Brock who has to deal with his dad's past in his New City Calhoun. Calhoun is a small place in Ohio that is crazy about the American sport “football.” He lives there with his new best friend Mak. He is determined to make it on his first sports team but the offensive coordinator has other plans with his nephew Wally. For example, The coach of the offense wants his nephew Wally to start at quarterback because he thinks he's more experienced and more coordinated than Brock. the book First Team was a very good because It has a lot of action and plot twist. That's why I liked “FIrst Team’’ and I want to read more Tim Green books.

A Quote I Picked from "First Team"

The quote i picked from the book that I can relate to is when the dad asked Brock “Still wearing the helmet?” I picked that quote because it shows how Brock is when it comes to something he likes. For instance, He was still wearing the helmet because he wanted to get used to it and how it feels on his head. I can relate to that quote because when I was younger (7 years old) I used to wear my football helmet because I wanted to get used to it and make it so it doesn't feel heavy, or maybe I just liked how it look. That's why I used the quote “still wearing your helmet?”