HIllsdale Area Career Center

Constitution Day/Citizenship Day (All Students)

The Constitution, the Articles, and Federalism: Crash Course US History #8

Health Sciences

Health Sciences students have been exploring ethics and medicine using a variety of texts. My Sister's Keeper was used to discuss a variety of questions that have legal and ethical implications. Discussion regarding the connection to the intent of the Constitution and the idea of being a good citizen.

Cyber security

Students discussed the fundamental rights of humans and how the Constitution protects those rights. Discussion questions were provided to students and the discussion was connected to cyber security and a persons right to privacy in the digital world.

Public Safety

Students in Public Safety were shown a presentation on the Basics of the Constitution.


Students will be able to summarize the history of the Constitution

Students will be able to discuss the importance of the Constitution

Students will create a pictoral representation of the Bill of rights

EBW.TV News Story

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Meet Your WorldSkills USA Team: Scott Curtiz May


Students in the Welding program had a great discussion about the Constitution and how it relates to the military and military history. Marine recruiter Sgt.Oldenburg & PFC Hoath led the discussion and question answer session.

Construction Trades

Students stepped back in time to discuss what it was like during the Revolutionary War. Included in discussions were materials that they used during the time on the Constitution and the importance of the document to today's industry.


Teachers were provided resources to use for Constitution Day. The emphasis was to be on connecting it to your curriculum. Teachers could use the following resources or others that they found relevant to their programming.