Downs syndrome

by: Ellen Pappas

Basic information

downs syndrome is a disease where you are born with 47 chromosomes in stead of 46. the 21st chromosomes has 3 chromosomes instead of 2. The people that are affected have 47 chromosomes. That's some basic information about downs syndrome.


The characteristics of downs syndrome are short height , and grow slowly. also they have weak muscles especially in there stomach. Their teeth are crooked. the do learn slowly but can go to a public school. They cant live on there own because they cant take care of there self's. Those are some characteristics of downs syndrome.


The cause of downs syndrome is how many chromosomes there are. people with downs syndrome have an extra chromosome in pair 21. The average person has 46 chromosomes, but people with downs syndrome have 47.

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The treatment that you can get for downs syndrome is speech training. Also you can get behavioral training. they also get exams to make sure everything is going okay. Those are the treatments for downs syndrome.

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Other Facts

  • downs syndrome is not by what race you are or if you are a boy or a girl.
  • estimated people that have downs syndrome is 400,000 people.
  • a lot of people with downs syndrome marry.
  • and mos of them have a funny personalty.