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Silicon Valley, California 12/16/2075

Terriosts attacks + Hackers are hiding + new movie!?

How it all began...

Sam Wilson was once just an ordinary kid, but when the hackers came everything & everyone changed. People started turning to their technologies for answers & then technology suddenly became an addiction to people, But Sam stood out more than other people. Everyone was on technology do much that Sam eventually taught himself how to hack. Sam was one of the greatest hackers out there. He got tested many times on his skills & finally he was recruited to the CDD to help stop all the terriosts from ruining America. He knew it was going to be a hard task but he was willing to take it. He wanted to stop all of this madness because his best friend Fargas was addicted and nearly died from it & he just wanted to protect people and wanted things to go back to how they used to be. People are going brain dead and getting more and more addicted to technology everyday. The only thing to do is fight back against the hackers!

Asking Liz Questions!!

Dear Liz,

Okay so... My name is Vienna. I kind of like this boy his name is Sam. Sam Wilson. We are really close but I've been really irritated with him for awhile now because he gets all the credit for everything I do. He is really confusing and were both always busy. He once gave me an awkward kiss that I thought was real but I guess it wasn't cause he said it was a kiss for my birthday. I honestly don't know what to think anymore! PLEASE HELP!!!

Dear Vienna,

We have just the solution.

#1- If "sam" is getting credit for EVERYTHING you do, you need to take a step back and think about if you should even like him. if you work hard then you should get the credit!

#2-he gave you a kiss?! That's obviously a sign that he likes you! Whenever he said "it was for your birthday" he was just covering up his tracks.

#3-Your both busy? So what make time in the day to ask him out to coffee or dinner he would love that and you guys could grow closer.

hope you found these tips helpful Vienna!!!

Help Wanted!!!

Would you join the CDD just to save America? America is in danger! You need to be really experienced in hacking! The Terriosts have already attacked Las Vegas what's to stop them from hacking any other city?! You have no time to waste! Join the fight against hackers, and save America!!

Brain Jack the movie?!

The Book was great, but movies are more action packed & when I heard Brain Jack was going to be a movie I had to see it. It first starts off as just introducing Sam as a boy with an addiction to hacking/gaming just like the rest of the world. It shows how beat down the world is from all the terriost attacks & how much its destroyed the city, But Las Vegas isn't the only city that will be attacked. After awhile Sam gets really good at hacking & gets into the CDD. After, Sam & his crew fight against the hackers & finish what they started.

Most people would ask me this question "Which one was better the movie or the book?" Well in my opinion the movie was way more action packed, plus it was really cool to see it all come to life.

I saw some of my favorite actors/actresses in the movie as well, such as Josh hutcherson from the Hunger games EVEN Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical! This is defiantly one of the best movies out there!

Title- Brain Jack

Author- Brian Falkner

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