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Egyptians Hypothesis

Egyptians thought that they could smear kohl on their eyes to protect them from harmful sun rays, they would mix kohl with water and let it sit to thicken.

Egyptians Conclusion

Still being sold and manufactured today

Who Made It?


How did it come to be? And what was it's purpose originally?

Egyptians used kohl not only to enhance their appearance but to protect themselves from the harsh sun and desert environment, they painted it on their eyes.

Where was the first one made?


What is the purpose now?

To enhance the shape and size of your eyes.
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How is it sold? How much? Where? To who?

Sold in stores, and the price varies with the brand, you can get it at any superstore, drugstore, or cosmetic store, sold to both men and women.

Where is it made now?

In factories


The color of the kohl would work as a boundary from the sun