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Chinampas are a floating farms that made of moss Aztec farmers made it from moss,dirt

they have a lot of food they some of the food they grow are

chill peppers ,avocados , tomatoes ,beans ,corn , squash potatoes and carrot.

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Cacao seed

Cacao seed are the Aztec chocolate it's the most valuable thing to the Aztec It so valuable they use it for money. The chocolate can only be ate by the hight rulers and the hot chocolate is to.

Natural resources

The Aztec have a lot of natural resources like food chill peppers ,avocados , tomatoes fish ,beans ,corn , squash potatoes and carrot. The Natural resources help protect the city from enemies Lake Texcoco surrounds the city from enemies and it's fresh Water.

The Aztec have a way to to make book called codex they make it out of bark and make paper sew to some leather and you got a codex