Civil war |In Texas

By: Josemaria Zubia

Galveston battle

Fall,1862,union commodore "William B. Renshaw" Demanded that the Confederates surrender Galveston,They had to comply since Galveston had no real defenses.In late 1862 a new commander of the Texas district from the confederates was chosen ,his name was "John B. Magruder",he immediately decided to make plans to take back Galveston ,after arriving at Galveston and a few little battles they decided on a truce,during the truce Renshaw shot an immobile Westfield this plan failed he killed himself and 13 members of his crew,with nothing to stop them the confederates won.

Sabine pass

September 23,1862,the union took interest in Texas' wares so they decided to invade it,they cam in and shot at the confederate shore battery,the CSA tried to fight but failed,they took as much as they could and lost.

Red River campaign

April 8,1864,Nathaniel P. Banks decided to defend a communications center,the union came with cavalry to try and take it over,They drove the confederate forces a few miles away,the union fought,but they lost

Battle of brownsville

November 2,1863,the union forces took over Brownsville to cut off cotton trade,but Colonel Santos Benavides stopped them near Laredo,on July 1864,confederate colonel "John S. Ford" drove the union away and the confederate won.

the battle of Palmito ranch.

May 11,1865, the union went to attack some rebel outpost and camps,they found no one,so they slept,then the union came and scattered their forces,then a "sizable" army,the union called for reinforcements,the union and the c.s.a,had a firefight,the union ordered a retreat and the confederates won this one.