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Wow, what a great start to an amzing year here at Tison Middle School! The weekly Tison Tribe newsletter is your one stop spot for instructional strategies and support. This week you will find ideas and strategies to support small group instruction in your daily classroom.

Have a great three day weekend!

Small Group in Secondary

What does small group look like in the secondary classroom?

Stations, ports, centers, oh my! No matter what you would like to call it, while you work with a small group the rest of your classroom needs to continue to function independently. I like to call this ports, mostly because it reminds me of a cruise and who doesn't love a good vacation?!?

The idea behind ports is that students can travel to multiple learning opportunities within one class period while the teacher works with a small group. For secondary, students may take up to two to three days to move to each port depending on the time you set for ports. I would recommend at least 20 mins per port so you have small groups for 20 minutes. Ports can be as simple or complex as you'd like. A more complex port design may include personalized learning opportunities based on individual student needs. This week we will focus on simple ports that include small group, an online activity, vocabulary, hands-on, and independent work. Of course, you can make your ports you own and add or omit any of the ideas mentioned.

Research shows kids need to move. It is important if implementing ports that you have the students physically get up and move to another spot for each port. This may have you thinking how will that work in my classroom, I am here to help! Please let me know how I can help you design and implement ports in your classroom.

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