Ship Building Kochi


Ship Building Kochi Is a Major Center for Steel Fabrication and Ship Building in India

Kochi or Cochin is a major port and ship building center situated in the state of Kerala in India. Simultaneously, they might also be interested to learn about the Ship Building & Repairing India as integral part of the ship building industry.

Major Ship Building Centers in India:
There are four major ship building centers in India. These are Kolkata, Mumbai, Vishakhapattanam, and Kochi. India stands second to Japan in terms of shipping tonnage. But the shipping fleet is not adequate for the dimensions of shipping cargo. That has resulted in growth of ship building industry in major ports in India. Ship building Kochi constitutes a major part of it. The four major ship building centers in India are Hindustan Shipyard Ltd in Vizag, Garden Reach in Kolkata, Mazagaon Dock in Mumbai, and the Cochin Shipyard Limited in Kochi.

Cochin Shipyard Limited Kochi:
Cochin Shipyard Limited Kochi is the major ship repairing Kochi center. It was incorporated on the 29th day of March 1972 and it was a Government owned company. Commercial production in the yard started in the year 1976. The yard can build ships up to 1,10,000 DWT sizes and can repair ships up to1,25,000 DWT sizes. The yard has specialized in building large cargo ships as well as crude oil tankers. Besides these the yard has also constructed 36 vessels.

Quality Shipyards in Kochi Kerala:
Apart from the official shipyard there are also a number of commercial shipyards in Kochi. They offer quality maintenance and repairing services for all types of ships. The one that is ISO approved and licensed by DG, Shipping and Customs Departments of India should be the choice of people looking for quality ship building and maintenance services in Kochi. They may not be the ones building new ships but they are the ones that could cater to all types of requirements of the people looking for maintenance and repair of ships of any type.

Steel Fabrication Services:
For Shipyards and repair and maintenance services steel fabrication is essential ingredient. Body of ships is usually made with steel fabrics and this brings up the requirement of quality Steel Fabrication Services Kochi. Good news for the prospective clients is that there are a few genuine high quality steel fabrication companies in Kochi. The one that has inbuilt steel fabrication unit alongside the ship building, repair, and maintenance services all in one could be the choice provider for most clients. Having steel fabrication unit in the repair center could be very useful because steel fabrics would be required every now and then in ship building, maintenance, and repair services offered by the servicing center.

Ship repair and maintenance is first turning out to be the premier side of the ship building industry in Kochi. Besides quality performance, the genuine service provider will also deal with the customers in the most transparent manner and charging them with reasonable prices. In result the ship building company kochi has become a major center in the country with more and more people opting for them.

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