The Cow and the Fish

About a cow and a fish

One day there was a cow and a fish, who were good friends. The next day when the cow went in the pond he got stuck and started sinking in mud. The fish hurried over to help clear the mud, and he did with his big strong fins, but it immediately came back. The cow was sinking deeper. The fish continued working to save his friend. Finally the fish freed the cow and they lived happily.

A few weeks later, the cow went to the pond again. This time he wasn't sinking in mud. But the cow noticed a fisherman, then he heard the cries of his friend fish, he had been caught! The cow ran to help, the fish was on land, so the cow charged the fisherman and he fell over. The cow freed the hook from the fishes mouth and with his nose he pushed the fish back in the water, and they lived happily.

The moral of the story is, if you do a good deed one will be returned to you.