Anderson's Announcements

February 12, 2016

REMINDER-Monday, February 15th is a Student Holiday

Parent Teacher Conference Sign-Up

Sign-ups for Parent-Teacher Conferences run through 11:00 on February 19th. If you do not have internet access and need to sign up for a time, please send me a note! Students will be released at 12:15 on Feb. 25 and 26 so teachers can conference with parents.

Mark Your Calendar

Book Fair- February 22-26

Early Release- February 25-26

All-American Skate Night- February 25th 6pm-9pm

Cougar Caller

The "Cougar Caller" is available for purchase in the front office for $5.00

This is an excellent resource for student addresses and phone numbers. Please remember that teachers are unable to give out this information due to confidentiality. Thank you for your understanding.

Relay for Life Coins for a Cure

We will be raising money for our school's Relay For Life Team! Relay for Life is an organization that raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Each day next week, please help us raise funds by bringing in a penny on Tuesday, a nickel on Wednesday, a dime on Thursday, and a quarter on Friday!

Dr. Seuss Week...Coming Soon!

Friday, March 4th will be "funny food" day in honor of Dr. Seuss week. If you are interested in sending in "funny food" please let me know! Examples include Cat in the Hat snacks, Truffula Tree cupcakes, Green Grinch Punch, Pink Ink Drink, Hop on Popcorn, etc. See the picture for just one example. If you search "Dr. Seuss food," tons of fun suggestions pop up!

What's coming up next week:

Next week in reading, students will continue comparing and contrasting characters and experiences with prompting and support. Students will be assessed on Friday. You can help your child at home by talking to them about books they have read and how the characters and experiences are like other characters and experiences they have read about. Your child's performance on the skill will appear on your child's report card and GKIDS state assessment!

In writing, we will conclude our study of opinion writing. Students will be assessed and asked to write their opinion of a given topic and be able to support their opinion with one or more reasons. I will be looking for clear ideas and organization, spacing between words, grade appropriate language and spelling, and grade appropriate use of conventions.

In math, students will continue to identify, extend and create patterns. Students must be able to identify and label the type of pattern they extend and create. Students are encouraged to practice this skill at home with random objects such as buttons, colored paper clips, colored bottle caps, etc.

In social studies we will conclude our study of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and President's Day. It is important that students be able to identify their current president as well. Students must be able to identify pictures of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial , American Flag, and eagle. Students must also be able to tell about the purpose of President's Day. An appropriate kindergarten response is "to honor and remember all the presidents of the United States."

E-Class Videos

I have uploaded a few videos to your child's e-class page. Your child can view videos about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, President's Day and patterning. To access e-class your child must use their student number and password (ABC123).

Cold Weather Days

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for school on cold weather days. Students must be able to zip and button their coats as this is an assessed skill for the state GKIDS assessment. Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to play outside on cold weather days.

Email addresses for Kindergarten teachers