Paperstone Eco-Friendly Material

Ashley Stratton

How is it Sustainable?

Paperstone recycles paper that has already been used so it saves trees. By recycling we can save time and money at our city landfills. Also, it can earn the Lovett community LEED points and looks fashionable in the middle school foyer.

Fun Facts

- Paperstone is made from 100% post consumer paper

-Paperstone is petroleum free resin

-Paperstone benefits the Lovett community by earning the Portman Middle School LEED points

-Paperstone is growing rapidly over the USA and it has become very popular

-Paperstone is appealing to anyone who sees it and you wouldn't know it was very sustainable

About My Graphs

The data on these graphs is all about what other countertops may have some eco friendly materials in them. The graphs clearly state that Paperstone is best for the environment out of all of the countertops. Paperstone is 100% recycled paper, but the Granite and Concrete are not ALL recycled material. These graphs are for people who do not know much about Paperstone, and who want to learn about how it helps the communitiy.

My Graphs