Chicago Botanical Gardens

Enter a botanical museum! By Max Chung

Everything is green.

I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens to get an idea of what professionals do to keep their plants healthy. The Botanical gardens are made up of 26 garden environments, each specializing in different types of plants, shrubs, and flowers from different parts of the world. It took 6 hours to see everything and even that felt rushed! It is hard to believe that so many plants can stay alive in a place with such weather extremes as Chicago.

Botanical garden essay

The Chicago Botanical garden is a beautiful place opened more than forty years ago. The Chicago Botanical Garden is about 385 acres long and has 50,000 members. This makes it one of the largest memberships of any US Botanic Garden. The Chicago Horticultural Society was founded in 1890. It started out very quiet, until 1943 when they restarted. After this point, they started to attract more people to come. Today the garden is successful and is currently owned by a Forest Preserved District of Cook County and are operated by the Chicago Horticultural Society.

The garden consists of many different types of gardens. One of the main ones that we looked at were The Fruits and Vegetable garden. In this garden were growing a huge verity of fruits and vegetables. This garden was supposed to show the different types of food we could grow in our area. This garden was also supposed to explain the different types of gardening methods you could use. Learning by seeing isn't the only thing you could do at the Botanical gardens. They also do a lot of kid friendly activities as well.

Overall the point of the Chicago Botanical gardens is to conserve the different plants. Some of the plants shown in the Chicago Botanical gardens are engendered. The Chicago Botanical gardens also are trying to create new species at the same time. The scientist at the Botanical gardens are also trying to fight climate change and especially pollution. The scientist at the Botanical gardens think that a loss of one species of plant is a loss of opportunity. Scientist here try to remind people that all life depends on plants. Hopefully scientist can change people’s ways and make this world a better place.