St. Joseph Tiger News

August 18, 2021

And we're off!

It has been a busy start to the school year with lots of new families. WELCOME! This newsletter is the first of many you will be receiving and will provide various bits of important information. The format, in the near future, will be changed away from this program, but I will use this for the time being.

Again, welcome to everyone and let's make it a great year at St. Joseph Catholic Academy!

Mass on Thursday!

Reminder, Mass is Thursday. Students should be wearing their mass uniforms.

Families may attend mass with St. Joseph, but must sit in the back of the church and not with their students.

Dress Code

Soon, we will be giving out dress code violations. The below attached PDF is a good look at what the dress code for each student in each grade should be. We know there is a back order on some items, but hopefully you will receive any missing items soon.

Drop off and pick-up information

-Front doors do not open for drop off until 7:30. PLEASE do NOT leave your student unattended in the front of the school building.
-If your student is eating breakfast, please use the cafeteria side entrance. Breakfast starts at 7:15.
-If you need to drop off prior to 7:15, make sure you are registered for morning Extend-A-Care (EAC) and use the cafeteria side entrance.
-See Mrs. Ortiz in the front office for Extend-A-Care registration.
-If you are walking your student in, you MUST use the ramp to the left side of the drop off loop.
-Tomorrow and forward, there will be a “Hug Station” at the front and back doors. Parents, please do not go past the Hug Station. If you need to be in the school for any reason, you must sign in at the front office.
-Classes start at 7:45am.
-If you drop off after 7:45, your student will need a tardy slip to enter class.

-You MUST have your number placard displayed in your car window or in your hand to pick up your student.
-If you do not have a placard, you must pick-up before 3:15 or after 4:00 and provide your id for verification.
(We will be issuing another number placard for each family by the end of the week and a more permanent backpack tag)
-If you are walking up to the building, you MUST use the ramp on the left side of the main building loop.
-At 4:00, any student not picked up will be transitioned to the cafeteria to Extend-A-Care.
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Important Dates

September 3-noon dismissal

September 6-Labor Day-No School

September 9-10: No school, mandatory parent/teacher conferences.

October 11-No school, staff professional development

October 15-end of 1st quarter

October 15-Noon dismissal

August Menu

Playground is almost finished!

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Staff Directory

Below is the name, position and email address of the faculty and staff of St. Joseph. This information will be uploaded to the new website.