Summer Plans

By: Ethan McVicker


I'm going to be fishing and boating a lot this summer. I'll be tubing with friends. I'll also be trying to catch the biggest fish when we go fishing.


I'll be working for my roofing boss so we can go do roofs on houses. Also i'll be working with a couple farmers, being a farmers hand. The last job i'm planning on having this summer is working downtown at my friends parents store.

Video Games

Just got a new Xbox 360 after selling both my Xbox's and a PS3. I decided to go back and get another Xbox 360 because in the school year or just during the week i get bored and i have nothing to do. So I plan on getting some more games for my Xbox and playing more.


I plan on going to every movie in the theaters that I want to. I'm waiting for Fast and Furious 8 but that won't be for a while. So i'm gonna go to all the movies i want to with my friends.

Summer Weights

I plan on doing summer weights either at the YMCA or at Northwest High School. I prefer the YMCA because theirs no time limit on anything and you can work on what you want to work on.


I plan on exercising a lot this summer. Some things I do to exercise is biking, running, swimming, working, working out, and theirs a lot more but that's some. Last summer I would get up in the morning and run and in the evening I would go biking, and I would only do that stuff if I didn't have anything doing that day.