H&M Potter News

The DECEMBER 2015 Edition

On behalf of the entire staff of H&M Potter, we would like to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season and a fantastic new year!

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Fun With Santa

The H & M Potter School PTA will again be sponsoring the 2015 Fun with Santa Night on Friday December 4. This year the PTA will be offering our annual Holiday Shop at the event. The Holiday Shop will no longer take place during the school day. While the students are "shopping" with PTA members guiding them, parents will have the option to check out the many vendors set up in gymnasium. On this night, the PTA will also be providing pictures with Santa, crafts, games and other fun activities for our families. Food will also be available to purchase. We are looking forward to another successful night!

The Giving Tree

Please remember that tags will be available on our Giving Tree to provide help for Potter families during the holiday season. The tree is located in the school lobby, all presents must be returned to the school unwrapped with the tag clearly visible by December 4. Donations of wrapping paper would also be appreciated. Thank you for helping to continue this successful community project.

Makerspace at Potter School

On November 19th, we held our first ever makerspace at H&M Potter school. We had an amazing turnout and all the families had a fantastic time. Students and families were challenged to create, build, and share their ideas. They used Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to build their critical thinking skills. Lightsabers and "Brushbots" were some of the biggest hits at the event. What an amazing community event and we look forward to our next makerspace in the future.

Beyond Band-Aids!

Kindergarten through 3rd grade were treated to the assembly "Whimisical Food Tastic Fun Tour". Thomas Yanisko, Administrative Director Hospitality Services at Community Medical Center, taught children about healthy food choices, grocery shopping and the importance of physical activity to keep bodies strong and ready to learn!!

Our 3rd grade classes also finished their 8 week "Unique You" program presented by the Ocean County Health Department. Students learned about teamwork, cooperation, how to make wise decisions, say "no" and solve problems. This research-based substance abuse prevention program is designed to build a child's self esteem. Positive self-esteem is critical to being a healthy individual.

Kindergarten and 1st grade participated in "Project Brush" a dental awareness campaign that promotes dental hygiene practices, regular visits to the dentist and healthy food choices. Participating students will receive a toothbrush and a tooth brushing timer.

Upcoming Health Programs

December 11 -- First and third grade physicals by Dr. Santodomingo, school physician. Please contact the nurse if you do not want your child seen by the school doctor.

December 15 and 17 -- Hygiene program for 3rd grade by Ocean County Health


January 11 -- NJ Commission for the Blind screening for all Pre-K and Kindergarten

January 14 -- Mobile Dentist -- Registration is required. Forms to be sent home 1st week of December. Contact nurse if child has no dental insurance. Grants are available.


Please keep a change of clothes in your child's book bag.

All medicine, including cough drops, can only be administered in school after receiving a written doctor's order. DO NOT SEND IN MEDICINE WITH YOUR CHILD. All medicine must be dropped off at school in it's original container by responsible adult.

***Check with nurse if your child is missing a pair of glasses. There are 4 unclaimed glasses in nurse's office***

Comic Book Club!

This year Dr. Zito, Mr. Keats, and Ms. Merlo have been working with 3rd and 4th grade students in their Comic Book Club. Every session the students learn about different superheroes and Villains. The students have been using Google Classroom, Padlet, and other technological resources to make these comic books come to life! There are also a lot of hands on activities for the students to complete. This is a great experience for all and we know that this popular club is truly making a difference!

Mr. Waldron's Hoop Club

This year 25 fourth grade students are taking part in Mr. Waldron's Hoop Club. Each Tuesday and Thursday students come to the gym after school to learn about the game of Basketball. Mr. Waldron has shown skills, spoke about rules, and explained the importance of sportsmanship in the game. The students get a chance to practice their skills and compete in fun yet competitive games. It looks like H&M Potter is home to some great future athletes!

Winter Weather Reminders

With the cold weather approaching we ask that if you are dropping your children off at the Deal Avenue entrance, you arrive at 8:40AM. The doors will not be opening each day until that time, therefore the students will be outside unsupervised if they come earlier. We also ask that you please drop and go quickly, as we have been all year. We will have an increased number of drop offs on these days, and moving quickly will ensure that all students get to school on time.

Please remember that there will be no parking allowed down the left side of Deal Ave. in the morning OR in the afternoon.

For school delay or closing information please make sure that all phone numbers are updated in the Parent Portal. You can also check the district Facebook page or website at www.btboe.org.

National Handwashing Awareness Week 2015

The week of December 6-12th is National Handwashing Awareness Week.

Handwashing Fast Facts:

  • Nearly 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold.

  • Studies have shown that children who washed their hands at least 4 times a day had 24% fewer sick days due to respiratory illness and 51% fewer sick days due to stomach upset.

  • A student revealed that hand washing education resulted in 51% less absenteeism.

Handwashing is the best defense against germs. Please continue to review good hand washing habits with your child at home. If your child is sick, please keep them home from school until they are fever free or symptom free for 24 hours.

POTTER POETRY: Student Section

The Sun and Moon’s Power

By: 4th Grade Girl

I am the wings of the butterfly that soars gracefully

I am the swishing water standing strongly and freely

I am the fresh sun in the chilled arctic

I am the bright light that’s been seeking for a star

I am the shiny cold moon in a warm night

I am two opposites that collide into something beautiful

I am the fire used to make s’mores

I am the lake everyone leans on for help

I am the ice cream being enjoyed by all the people I love

The Lake

By: 4th Grade Girl

Lilies pop out of the water

Swamp grasses shoot up to the sky

Lilypads anchored to the mud float on the

water’s surface

A butterfly flutters onto a lily

Its pink petals sway in the breeze

A frog hops onto a lilypad

And disappears into the lake

A small girl and her dog venture into the cool,

blue water

And swim with the fish

The dog’s vanilla fur blowing in the breeze
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Recycle Rally

Please continue to bring in your bottles and cans to contribute to our Recycle Rally. We are in the running again for another $25,000! Thank you in advance for all of your help and consideration!

December Events!

12/1 - Board of Education Meeting 5:30PM

12/2 - Honor Roll Breakfast 8:15AM

12/4 - Fun With Santa and Holiday Shop 6-8:30PM

12/14 - PTA Meeting 7PM

12/15 - Kindergarten Holiday Show

12/16 - Cimino Berkeley Pages Book Club

12/23-1/3 - School Closed Winter Recess

Jokes of the Month

Q: What do snowmen like to do on the weekend?

A: Chill Out

Q: What do you get if you cross a snowman with a dog?

A: Frostbite