bali imformation

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bali facts

Bali capital city is Denpasar. Lies between 8 and 9 degrees south of the equator.

population:3 million people and increasing. The majority of Balinese practise the Hindu religion witch they call agama Hindu dharma religion of the Hindu doctrine.

bali calling numbers

police:110. fire:113.ambulence:118.tourist and cross:26465. EMERGANCY CALLS







bali history

bail was inhabited by 2000bc by Austronesian people why migrated originally from south east Asia and Oceania through maritime south east Asia. culturally linguistically, the Balinese are thus closely related to the people of the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, the Philippines , and the Oceania. stone tools dating from this time have been found near the village of cerik in the island west.

bali history

In ancient bali, nine hindu sects existed namely Pasupata, Bhairawa, Siwa Shidanta, Waisnawa, Bodha, Brahma, Resi, Sora and Ganapatya. Each sect revered a specific deity as its personal Godhead.(11)

Bali history

Balinese culture was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese and particularly Hindu culture, beginning around the 1st century AD. The name Bali dwipa ("Bali island") has been discovered from various inscriptions, including the Banjoing pillar inscription written by Sri Kesari Warmadewa in 914 AD and mentioning "Walldwipa". It was during this time that the complex irrigation system Subak was developed to grow rice.

bali Bombing

The Bali bombing memorial at the site of the original Paddy's Pub across the road from the site of the now demolished sari club.

Bali Bombing

The 2002 Bali bombings occurred on 12 October 2002 in the tourist district of Kula on the Indonesian island of Bali. The attack killed 202 people (including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, 27 Britons, 7 Americans and 6 Swedish citizen) A further 240 people were injured.

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2002 Bali Bombings Indonesia - ((((THE REAL TRUTH))))

elephant safari park

*Besides adventure parks, Bali is also home to some fine nature and wildlife parks. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the following three parks: 1. Bali Elephant Safari Park Set in peaceful Ubud, and surrounded by natural forest, the Bali Elephant Safari Park is a dedicated rescue elephant park for Sumatran elephants.


Weather in Bali Indonesia - Due to its location near the equator, Bali experiences tropical weather conditions throughout the year. Climate of Bali can broadly be categorized into two seasons - the dry season between May to September, and wet season from October to April. However one can visit Bali throughout the year, but it is advisable to visit this beautiful island in June to September. During this season weather remains quite pleasant all through the day. The climate conditions in Bali are ideal for various beach activities during this time of the year.

beauty of bali

Since 1960's, Bali has been so popular as one of the most interesting tourist destination in the world and probably more popular than the country where it belongs to, Indonesia.

bali religon

The Hindu in Bali is not exactly the same as that in India as the country of Hindu origin because when Hindu came to Bali, the local people have had their own animistic and dynamistic belief. The Hinduism adapted to the local belief but principally the same. So, the religion of Hindu in Bali is a combination of the original Hindu teaching and the animism and dynamism which form a unique spiritual life.

flora and funa

As a tropical country, Bali has so many kinds of plants and trees growing wild in the rain forest like teak wood trees, banyan trees, bamboo, palm and many others.

In farming, people grow coffee, copra, cacao, and many kind of tropical trees like papaya, banana, mangoes, durian, pineapple, snake skin fruits, etc. Spices like clove, vanilla, saffron, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, anis, cinnamon, etc, can also grow in this rich island.

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plants and animals

Indonesia is located near the equator and has a tropical climate

  • Instead of summer, autumn, winter and spring, Indonesia has wet and dry seasons

  • Two-thirds of Indonesia is made up of tropical rainforests which are home to as many as 40 000 different plants and many rare animals

  • The rainforests in Indonesia are being cut down and burnt faster than they can regrow

  • The Rafflesia arnoldii is the world's biggest flower

  • plants and animals

    As well as rainforests, there are many other kinds of plants and trees in Indonesia. Different plants can be found in different regions within the country. Arian Jaya, for example, and other islands close to Australia, often have wattle trees and gum trees growing on them. Islands like Sumatra and Sulawesi usually have Asian trees on them, especially spice trees like nutmeg and clove trees.

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    Bali Children

    Indonesia has 76 million children, the fourth-largest child population in the world.

    As a result of the development problems faced by the country, children’s health and education are at risk – more than two million children under age 5 are malnourished and nearly one-third between the ages of 5 and 9 are not in school. If you would like to help us save these children from poor or no education please donate to our charity.